Richard Highfield joins Australian School of Business

Tuesday, 17 January 2012  Features

Richard Highfield is joining the Australian School of Business (ASB) as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Taxation and Business Law. Richard Highfield joins ASB after working at very senior levels of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and two major international organisations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Professor Chris Evans, who has been closely involved with Richard’s work in tax compliance and tax simplification over a number of years, says he is delighted with the appointment. "Richard will bring a wealth of experience and great new perspectives to the work the School is doing in the areas of tax administration. His input will be particularly welcome in our comparative teaching and research. I know he will be a wonderful asset and addition to the Faculty".

Richard Highfield says he is looking forward to working with the School, "ASB's programs and research play an important role in promoting good tax system design and administration, which together benefit the economy and general community. I look forward to assisting that effort."

Highfield is a former Second Commissioner of the ATO and also former Head of the Tax Administration Division Head, in the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration. In the latter role he provided leadership and management oversight of the Centre’s programs of work dealing with domestic tax administration, consumption taxes and the International Tax Dialogue, a collaborative venture established by the OECD, IMF and World Bank. As Head of the Division he initiated much of the ground work and planning for the creation of the OECD’s Forum on Tax Administration, now widely regarded as the pre-eminent forum grouping for heads of national revenue bodies.

Currently, he is a Senior Advisor to the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration as well as providing high level consultancy and advice to the senior management of the ATO. He was recently invited to participate in the October 2011 Tax Forum, and has contributed on a regular basis as a keynote speaker and chair to ATAX (now the School of Taxation and Business Law) international tax administration conferences. He has been the primary and originating author of more than 12 major reports and publications issued by the OECD in the period since 2005.