SMY students lead fundraising initiative 'Name a Brick!'

Monday, 11 November 2013  Features

A group of AGSM MBA (Executive) students have completed a year-long fundraising challenge as part of the leadership component of their Strategic Management Year residential sessions, which has seen them donate over $2500 to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

Cohort C started the 'Name a Brick!' initiative during their first residential (SM1) earlier this year, after discussions over an Entrepreneurial problem-solving exercise and the consensus that they wanted to give something back to the community. The group gave themselves the challenge of donating one brick per residential to the new Ainsworth Building at the Sydney Children's Hospital, via the "Name a Brick!" program. At $500 a brick, Cohort C implemented a fines system to raise the money, with cohort members donating to the fund for offenses ranging from being late to class to having poor dress sense.

Cohort C recently completed their last residential (SM4) and are proud to announce they were able to raise over $2500, far exceeding their original target. While the MBA (Executive) program has drawn to a close for the group, their fundraising legacy will live on with three personalised bricks installed in the Foyer of the Ainsworth Building at the Sydney Children's Hospital.

"The initiative is an example of the calibre of students and willingness to go above and beyond the academic expectations of the MBA program," said AGSM Strategic Management Year Coordinator Leanne Court.

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