Shake-up allows students to stretch their wings

By Shake-up allows students to stretch their wings  Monday, 30 July 2012  Features

A radical new approach will enable students to try electives outside their course discipline, top-up their learning during holiday periods, and transfer between courses more readily.

The new model for undergraduate degrees at the Australian School of Business will result in students being able to complement their degree with study in any course they wish at UNSW. The new greater flexibility has been introduced allowing students from a variety of disciplines to mix and match courses to create their own degree program.

Professor Alec Cameron, Dean of the Australian School of Business, said "We've listened to what our students want - and they want to be able to mix and match their courses and degrees both to their interests and to what future employers want," he said. "That is the UNSW difference: students can develop their career with core courses, and then explore all possibilities by taking advantage of what is offered across the university."

The new flexible model could result in a commerce student taking courses in fine art, for example, an actuarial student studying music as a part of their degree - or combining a commerce degree with a full degree in fine arts or media.

Jennifer Harris, Associate Dean, Undergraduate at the Australian School of Business says "students love being able to take courses as part of their degrees that follow their interests, while still achieving qualifications that make them eminently employable. Indeed, many prospective employers prefer graduates with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills which ensures they have a wide and diverse approach to problem solving."

"Students are free to choose whatever course they want, which supports the way that our focus is providing breadth and depth within the programs that we offer, so long as students meet the entry requirements of their electives. This is one of the key differentiators for our programs, and what industries value."

"The shake-up results in new combinations of dual degrees, offering a juxtaposition of programs that are rarely available at universities. For example, UNSW is now one of only a handful of universities which offer a Bachelor of Commerce & Fine Art, Bachelor of Commerce & Music, and Bachelor of Commerce and Media, PR & Advertising."

"The BCom (International) is also changing. Students will study overseas for one full year at the end of their second year - rather than now during their fourth year. This allows students to totally immerse themselves in a different culture, take courses specifically about the region while on exchange, and then consolidate this learning upon their return to Australia through a specially designed course called a 'capstone' - the final course which brings together and integrates the student's knowledge."

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