UNSW Female Athlete of the Year

Thursday, 2 June 2011  Features

Australian School of Business student Lisa Darmanin has been named UNSW Female Athlete of the Year for her outstanding performance in sailing at both national and international levels, and her ability to balance her sport and study in 2010.

Lisa, a Bachelor of Commerce student, has also been awarded one of UNSW's prestigious Ben Lexcen Scholarships, the pinnacle of the sporting scholarships available at UNSW, recognising students with outstanding sporting achievement.

Lisa secured these awards after an exemplary year of competition in 2010 which saw her win a number of major World youth and senior European titles, including first place in the Hobie 16 Youth World Championships as well as the prestigious F16 European Championships.

In addition to studying and competing, Lisa also volunteers her time to mentor younger emerging female sailors, assisting them with their sporting and academic lives by travelling with them to competitions and giving advice on time management and study habits.

Lisa has enjoyed the challenge of juggling both sport and study. "Balancing study and sporting commitments has forced me to be more organised. I've learnt how to manage and plan my time more efficiently in order to fit everything in. It's all about prioritising, planning and occasionally sacrificing," she explains.

Lisa acknowledged the continuing support from UNSW, "UNSW's great sports program enables athletes to balance these two demanding aspects of life, without the support of UNSW Sport and Recreation and the flexible lecturers it would make it almost impossible to simultaneously achieve highly in both sporting and academic careers."

In 2011, Lisa has her sights set on replicating her previous junior and other successes in the Open World Championships.