Will the 2014 budget plug the revenue hole?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014  Media Alerts

​The 2014 Federal Budget will be one of the most significant of recent years. The government has acknowledged the budget will be in deficit, and will unveil a raft of controversial measures as it tries to plug the revenue hole.
So will the budget deliver on productivity, terms of trade, the ageing of the population and the fiscal position?

Academics from the Australian School of Business at UNSW will give their independent analysis in a live podcast round table on Wednesday morning, introduced and chaired by Julian Lorkin, with reaction to key budget measures.
Associate Professor Dale Boccabella will be joining in the discussion. He said “the Government is considering raising the rate in the top two income tax brackets in a bid to address the fiscal gap. In large part, this measure is directed at dampening the inevitable political resistance that will be brought to bear if the heavy lifting was left solely to the expenditure side of the 2014 budget, but it also brings some fairness to addressing the fiscal gap.”
“We will give the so-called deficit levy - should it eventuate - an independent and thorough analysis in our podcast, along with other key budget measures including superannuation and identifying who is most affected by the budget measures. Importantly, we will give context and background to the budget measures as well as identifying areas the government has failed to address.”

Journalists may take any part of the podcast for quotes, ask questions during the podcast via the live stream comment facility or via twitter using the hashtag #asbbudget, or contact the academics for interviews later in the day.
Associate Professor Dale Boccabella
Expert areas: Dale can discuss taxation of trusts, fringe benefits, capital gains tax and corporate tax.
Contact: 02 9385 3365 | Home: 02 9874 2539 | d.boccabella@unsw.edu.au

Professor Glenn Otto
Expert areas: Glenn has been studying the overall balance/deficit, taxation of social programs, and the political economy
Contact: 02 9385 3332 | g.otto@unsw.edu.au
Professor John Piggott
Expert areas: John is an expert in superannuation and taxation, and is Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research.
Contact: 02 9385 5903 | j.piggott@unsw.edu.au
Professor Neil Warren
Expert areas: Neil can provide a full assessment of the taxation implications for various sectors, public sector economics with a special focus on taxation policy and distributional issues.
Contact: 02 9385 9542 | n.warren@unsw.edu.au
Listen to the broadcast here.

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