Blair Wang

Research Student

School of Information Systems and Technology Management - PhD (Information Systems) (in progress) | BIS (Co-op) (Honours), UNSW Sydney

About Blair

Blair has extensive experience in the practice of information systems and technology, having completed three industry placements during his time as Co-op Scholar in Information Systems at UNSW from 2012 to 2015, and having worked in technology consulting, data analytics, and software engineering in organisations ranging from the large enterprise to the small start-up.

Blair completed his Honours thesis as part of his Co-op undergraduate studies, investigating the persuasive design of digital entrepreneurial crowdfunding platforms. He is now completing his PhD investigating the changing nature of digital work and the phenomenon of digital nomadism. Blair is supported by a Commonwealth Government Research Training Program Scholarship and a UNSW Business School Supplementary Scholarship to undertake his PhD.

Research Area

  • Digital Nomadism
  • Digital Work


  • Professor Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic
  • Dr Michael C. Cahalane
  • Associate Professor Daniel Schlagwein (The University of Sydney)