Christian Criado-Perez Chanin

Research Student

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About Christian

Prior to commencing his research studies in the UNSW Business School, Christian graduated from B.S. Aerospace Engineering in the United States. He then worked in the aerospace industry for 7 years, taking both engineering and managerial positions in Spain, France and Germany. He studied an MBA at IE Business School and gained a rich experience in company wide transformation projects.​​​​ Recently he completed a Masters in Philosophy and is currently a PhD Candidate.

Thesis title

  • Evidence-based Management: Identifying & overcoming its barriers


  • Chris J Jackson
  • Catherine G Collins

Research interests

  • Evidence-based Management. Organisational Behaviour. Personality and individual differences. Research methods.


  • Criado-Perez, C., Collins, C. G., Jackson, C. J., Oldfield, P., Pollard, B., & Sanders, K. (2019). Beyond an ‘Informed Opinion’: Evidence-Based Practice in the Built Environment. Architectural Engineering and Design Management.
  • Jackson, C. J., Minbashian, A., & Criado-Perez, C. (2019). A multi-level super meta-theory of personality meta-theories: Why behavior is not always associated with reproductive success. Personality and Individual Differences, 146 (January), 149–157.
  • Criado-Perez, C., Pollard, B., Oldfield, P., Collins, C. G., Jackson, C. J., & Sanders, K. (2018). Building better decisions Why good evidence is used ( and ignored ) in the built environment sector. CRC for Low Carbon Living.
  • Building in sustainability
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Awards and scholarships

  • CRC Student Scholarship
  • SYLFF Grant – Tokyo Foundation: Scholarship awarded to PhD students with high potential for future leadership in international affairs        and policy research
  • Industry Mentoring Network in STEM
  • UNSW Bizlab Small Project Grant recipient