Yenni Tim


School of Information Systems - PhD Information Systems, UNSW Sydney | Master of Science, National University of Singapore | Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), University of Malaya

About Yenni

Before she joined UNSW for her PhD, Yenni Tim completed a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) from the University of Malaya in Malaysia, and a Master of Science from the National University of Singapore.

Yenni's thesis, Power Shift: Digital Enablement in Traditional Industries, seeks to explore the digitally enabled transformations that are occurring in industries such as retailing, manufacturing and cultural heritage sectors. 

 "In recent years, we have witnessed massive power shifts – from multinationals to startups, from shareholders to consumers, from presidential palaces to public squares – all made possible by the increasing prevalence of game-changing technologies," says Yenni.

 Yenni wants to draw attention to this under-researched phenomenon. Using in-depth qualitative case studies, her thesis aims to conceptualise how emerging technologies are shifting power, reshaping traditional industries and creating unprecedented change.

 "The atmosphere, the environment, and most importantly, the people, make UNSW a great choice," says Yenni. "The support provided by UNSW extends well beyond research. For postgraduate students who want to prepare themselves for academic careers, UNSW also offers the opportunity to teach. Working as a sessional teacher at UNSW has been a tremendous addition to my postgraduate journey."

 Yenni is supported by a UNSW Tuition Fee Scholarship and a UNSW Business School Research Stipend to undertake her PhD.​

Thesis title

  • Digital Enablement: Traditional Industries in the Era of Power Shifts


  • Professor Shan L Pan
  • Dr Lesley Land (co-supervisor)


  • Tim Y., Pan SL., Bahri, S., and Ali, F. (2014) “Social Media as Boundary Objects: A Case of Digitalized Civic Engagement in Malaysia”. ACIS 2014 Proceedings
  • Tim Y., Yang L., Pan SL., Kaewkitipong, L., and Ractham, P. (20​13) "The Emergence of Social Media as Boundary Objects in Crisis Response: A Collective Action Perspective". ICIS 2013 Proceedings.

Research interests

  • Digitally Enabled Power and Power Shifts
  • Digital Enablement and Industry Transformation
  • Qualitative Case Research Methodology