Bec Paget

Bec Paget

Founder of

MPhil, 2012

About Bec

Bec Paget (MPhil ’12) is the founder of, an online gift-giving solution that allows people to ‘crowd fund’ gifts between friends and family members. She arrived at a career in entrepreneurship via UNSW degrees in Food Technology and Innovation Management.

I made my career choice because... I was on course to becoming an academic, and I feared what I'd be giving up if I didn't take the path I felt destined to take - a path into startup land to become a tech entrepreneur. I figured I could come back to Uni later in life, if I wanted to, whereas if I made the decision to stay to do my PhD, I might continue making similar decisions and never leave.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have... no bad habits.

As a student I... am always thinking of better ways to do things.

My most impressive achievement is...that all depends on what you are impressed by. I'm proud of the solid and loving relationships I've formed with family and friends.

At the moment I'm inspired by... The collaborative consumption movement, which is an economy based on sharing that is facilitated by the internet. I enjoy thinking about how our world would look if collaborative consumption (also known as the sharing economy) became mainstream. A main principal--a necessary factor--is trust between strangers, which is nice to imagine. I suppose trust (the level of trust) between strangers today is a fundamental factor influencing how our world is. If we found ways to increase trust, imagine the effects... In my mind, a different world emerges... and that vision of a more connected, social, giving world inspires me.

Others say I... don't know how to relax.

You might be surprised to know that I... was born and raised at sea. My parents lived an alternative lifestyle, cruising around the world... and for the first 10 years of my life, so did I.

My greatest goal that I'm yet to achieve... is to build a multi-million dollar company.