Bernard KC Gan


School of Management - PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia | MEc, University of Western Australia, Australia | BEc (Hons), University of Western Australia, Australia | DipER, Ong Teng Cheong Institute of Labour Studies and Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

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About Bernard

Bernard Gan taught extensively across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in organisation, management and International Business. For his commitment and excellence in teaching, he was awarded two prestigious teaching awards in 2007 (at the faculty level) and in 2009 (at the university level). In 2011, he was voted Lecturer of the Year at the University of New South Wales in the Australian university jobs web portal - Uni Jobs.

Bernard Gan has extensive international corporate experience. He worked for the Port of Singapore, PSA Corporation as an operations manager for 10 years. In 1998, he was posted to Northeast China, as head of operations and business development, managing 400 staff at the Dalian Container Terminal. In 2000, he joined the union movement and was co-opted as an executive member the Port Officers' Union. From 2001 to 2005, he served as the Vice Chair of the Port Officers' Union. At the Singaporean national level, he was the National Trade Union Congress Council Member for Jobs and Productivity Committee, and alternate member of Skills Development Committee and International Relations Committee. As Vice Chair of Port Officers' Union, he was actively involved in the negotiation of the Singapore Port's first major retrenchment exercise and also, its major wage restructuring exercise.