Camilla Love

Camilla Love

Energetic Funds Management Executive at Perennial Investment Partners

MBA (Executive), 2011

About Camilla

Energetic Funds Management Executive at Perennial Investment Partners, Camilla Love (MBA Exec ’11) is also President of the Sydney UNSW Business School ​Alumni Committee.

I made my career choice because…. I loved the ever changing, always exciting world that is financial markets. I also knew that my strengths were in sales and marketing strategy and building relationships. Whilst I have an understanding of the financial and analytical side of things, it doesn’t excite me. What does excite me is meeting new and highly intelligent people who make good things happen. This gets me up in the morning!

If I had known then what I know now, I would have… always played to my strengths rather than worry about trying to fix my weaknesses. Your weaknesses will always be a weakness. You can always gather people around you to support you in your weaknesses that play to their strengths. Your strengths are what make you unique. You can utilise these strengths to build yourself into a better person, doing bigger and better things.

As a student I… had a ball. I loved my time doing the AGSM MBA Exec. The people, teachers and supporters… it was an amazing time for growth, inspiration and building lifelong friendships. My most favoured subject was Managerial Skills. This subject centred upon thinking strategically about your skills, strengths, interests and career. It was a course that opened my eyes into myself – a luxury that many people don’t get. It was both challenging and very rewarding. Geoff Mortimore has a very special place in my heart for giving me the building blocks to make me a better person.

My most impressive achievement is… being awarded the Michael Page Scholarship for my final Strategic Management year to complete the MBA Exec. I was shocked! To this day I still wonder… why did they select me? I am not the “scholarship type” – I didn’t even get a merit certificate at school! It was because I applied. It is on the first initial step where most people stumble. So I would implore everyone, just apply for a scholarship at the UNSW Australia Business School​. What’s the worst that could happen?

At the moment I'm inspired by...  my one year old son, Henry. If adults could continue to learn at the rate of children and with such an open mind, could you imagine what the world could do? He has inspired me to set myself an agenda of continuous learning.

I am also currently inspired by Pop art. I love the bold colours, the whimsical, and often hilarious, subject matter and its ability to push the boundaries of modern culture. Roy Lichtenstein and of course Andy Warhol are key in this area. I would like to be bolder in my decision making and push the boundaries of my thinking.

Others say I… I’m passionate at everything I do. I’m bubbly, social and fun to be around. I’m a networker and open with my network; I can be determined and direct; I lead by example; I don’t take ‘no’ or ‘I can’t’ as an option.

You might be surprised to know that I… am a volunteer surf lifesaver at Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club on the weekends during summer. I love the unique spirit the Club offers, keeping fit, the wonderful outdoors and helping keep the beach safe for patrons. I love it.

My greatest goal that I'm yet to achieve is… Personally, to travel to every country in the world. It’s all part of my lifelong learning goal. I’ll keep working on it.

Professionally, it’s my goal to become a Director of an ASX 200 company. Just watch this space!