Daniel Schlagwein

Senior Lecturer

School of Information Systems - PhD Information Systems, University of Cologne, Germany | MA Information Systems, University of Cologne, Germany


​​​Dr. Daniel Schlagwein is an expert on crowdsourcing, digital work and IT-enabled openness.

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About Daniel

Dr. Daniel Schlagwein is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at the UNSW Business School in Sydney. He holds a PhD and a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Cologne. He was a consultant in the ICT industry for companies such as Vodafone. In 2015, he was a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School and New York University's Leonard H. Stern School of Business.

Daniel's research is focused on crowdsourcing, digital work and IT-enabled openness. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers, including in leading journals such as the Information Systems Journal, the Journal of Information Technology, the Journal of the Association for Information Systems and The Journal of Strategic Information Systems. His research has been featured in, for example, Sky News, The Sydney Morning Herald, McKinsey Quarterly and BusinessThink. The Association for Information Systems (AIS) Research Ranking 2017 ranked him at 68 globally for publications in leading journals 2014-16. In 2017, he received best paper of the year awards from the AIS, the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) and Emerald.

Daniel has been recognised as an excellent teacher with expertise in enabling experiential learning. He received the UNSW Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2014. The UNSW Business School students granted Daniel their Student Choice Award, also in 2014. Several students have continued projects from his courses into startups; one project was "highly commended" in the NASSCOM Student Innovation (NSI) awards 2016.

Daniel serves as an elected Member of UNSW’s Academic Board (2017-18). He also serves on UNSW’s Board of Studies (2017-18). Daniel has created and teaches the Information Systems part of the annual UNSW Indigenous Pre-Business Program. He is a current Senior Editor of the Journal of Information Technology (since 2018) and a current Associate Editor of the Information Systems Journal (since 2016). Daniel has chaired six tracks and has edited two special issues in his research domain. He frequently reviews for the eight leading journals recognised in the AIS’ “Senior Scholar Basket”, Information Systems conferences and organisations such as the National Science Foundation.

Daniel was awarded the AIS Early Career Award in 2016; the Journal of the Association for Information Systems Best Reviewer Award in 2016; and the AIS Best Information Systems Publication Award in 2017.