Gavin Schwarz

Professor, Director – Health@Business Research Network School of Management

School of Management - BA, Akld | MPhil (Hons), Akld | PhD, QLD


Gavin Schwarz's current research and work interests include organisational change and organisational inertia, with a particular interest in better understanding how organisations fail when changing, and developing applied strategies for dealing with failure to change. He is also interested in exploring how knowledge develops in organisation and change theory.

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About Gavin

Gavin Schwarz is a Professor at the School of Management in the UNSW Australia Business School.  Gavin is a member of the Academy of Management’s Organization Development and Change division’s executive board and serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (JABS) and for the Journal of Change Management (JCM). He is also an editorial board member of the Academy of Management Review, Journal of ​Management and the Journal of Organizational Behavior.​