Iqbal Syed

Senior Research Associate

Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER) - PhD Economics, University of New South Wales | MA Economics, New York University | MSS, BSS (Honours) Economics, University of Dhaka


​​​​Iqbal Syed’s research areas are applied econometrics, measurement economics, real estate economics and finance, and urban economics. He has conducted research on the consumer price index (CPI), recommending methods of constructing price indexes using large electronic point-of-sale data. Iqbal has worked on hedonic methodologies, with applications to supermarket and high-tech products, international comparisons of prices and incomes, and residential and commercial property markets. He has worked on the Australian housing market, investigating its valuation in relation to equilibrium using price–rent ratios, price indexes and the user cost formula. Iqbal’s interest lies in behavioural models in economics, with a focus on developing empirical models and writing computer algorithms to test and predict the models using newly sourced large data sets. His future research directions include the investigation of links between property markets and credit markets, taxation, demographic composition and macroeconomy.

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About Iqbal

​​After completing his bachelor and master degrees in Economics at the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh), Iqbal worked in the economic evaluation team for a number of development projects, including flood prevention and irrigation projects, and taught economics in tertiary educational institutions, including the University of Dhaka and the Chartered Accountants Institute. He received a Fulbright Scholarship and Tuition Fellowship to pursue his MA in Economics at New York University (1998–2000). After gaining his MA from NYU, Iqbal worked as a Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the University of Dhaka where he taught a range of courses including Microeconomics, Managerial Economics, Econometrics, International Trade, and Mathematics and Statistics for Economists.

After teaching for three years, Iqbal commenced his doctoral research in 2004 in the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). His PhD thesis “Understanding Price Movements: Measurement of Price Rigidity and Pure Price Change” studied the measurement of price rigidity in retail markets, the use of scanner data in constructing the consumer price index, and the construction of multilateral price indexes for housing in the presence of missing data. While studying for his doctorate, Iqbal worked as a tutor/teaching assistant for the School and as a research assistant on a project examining house prices in Australia.

Since completing his PhD in 2008, Iqbal has worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Australian Research Council (ARC) funded research projects affiliated with the School of Economics and the Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER) at UNSW. He has also taught courses and administered online courses offered by the School of Economics. In 2014, in partnership with colleagues from UNSW and CorVal Partners Limited / RF Capital, Iqbal received an ARC grant to undertake research on property markets (2014–2017). He currently holds a Senior Research Associate position in the Real Estate Initiative program of CAER, UNSW Business School.