Lex Donaldson

Emeritus Professor

School of Management - BSc, Aston | PhD, London | DSc, UNSW


​Professor Lex Donaldson is head of the Organizational Theory Research Cluster and a member of the Leadership Team of the School of Management. His research Interests include organization theory, corporate governance and the philosophy of science. Lex has studied organizational structures and boards of directors. He teaches organizational design. He is an author of eight books and over fifty articles. 

About Lex

Lex Donaldson ​holds a BSc in Behavioural Science (Sociology Specialism) from the University of Aston, a PhD in Organizational Sociology from the University of London and a DSc from the University of New South Wales. Formerly he worked for Philips Electrical Industries (U.K.) Ltd. He was a Senior Research Officer in the Organizational Behaviour Research Group of the London Graduate School of Business Studies.

He joined UNSW in 1977 as a member of the AGSM @ UNSW Business School in its first year of operations. He has won its Award for Excellence in Research and been made a Professorial Research Fellow. He has published eight books and many articles, some in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Review and Organization Science. His latest book The Meta-Analytic Organization: Introducing Statistico-Organizational Theory has been published in 2010 in the US by M.E. Sharpe, Inc (Armonk, New York:). A link to a sample from it can be found below.

The Meta-Analytic Organization: Introducing Statistico-Organizational Theory

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