Melissa Ran

Student Entrepreneur Development at NSi UNSW, Co-founder at

BCom, 2010 and MCom 2012

About Melissa

Entrepreneur Melissa Ran (BCom ’10, MCom ’12) is forging an exciting career in the web startup space. While completing her Master of Commerce, Melissa worked as Marketing and Media Manager for the hit website before going on to found recruitment and coaching startup as well as project management software tool Mijura.

I started my own business because…
No one wanting an easy, stable life would choose to start their own business. I do this because I get to create something from scratch and make my visions into reality and I get to chase after dynamic opportunities unique at this particular time in history.

It’s faster moving, much riskier and uncertain, less financially rewarding (at least in the short term) and requires much harder work than a graduate job, but it’s also far more intellectually challenging and creatively satisfying.

My greatest challenge at the moment is…

Growing the business with all the constraints small businesses face, and keeping a strong and positive mentality - both personally and with my team.

Mijura ( is a web-based project task management software tool that makes teamwork stress free and more productive. It’s perfect for small-medium businesses, or smaller teams/working groups within large organisations.

My co-founders who are software engineers started making the software last year after their poor experiences working in a corporate team with inefficient communication and work systems.

We now have customers in over a dozen countries and work out of the offices provided by UNSW’s School of Computer Science and Engineering as a part of their Venture Space startup program.

I made my career choice because…

I chose UNSW Australia Business School because I was interested in business, and of course having done both Finance and Marketing at the UNSW Business School, it’s taught me a lot of foundational knowledge.

But the biggest contribution is the networks and extra-curricular opportunities it offered me. The Business School ​especially in recent years, tries hard to engage students and alumni and because of that, I took part in programs and student societies that allowed me meet like-minded high calibre people, develop my leadership and business skills, and most importantly, develop confidence in my ability to make things happen.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have...
Been more proactive and more self-reliant in my learning and exploration of the world when I was younger. I wish I looked into starting a business when I was younger and made mistakes earlier.

My most impressive achievement is... yet to come!

Others say I am...

I ‘crowdsourced’ this question to facebook and got the following:  Opinionated, Blunt/Honest/Open, A go-getter, Crazy, Insightful, Caring

At the moment I'm inspired by...

Barack & Michelle Obama for their inspirational leadership, and being the example that with the right support and education, anyone willing to work hard can make history and change the world. And that with opportunity, comes the obligation to give back.

My father who in his 50s, left a stable career as a TV exec to be a writer/screenwriter. His ‘virgin’ screenplay got bought and is now in production and his academic textbook is being printed for publishing early next year. He’s a tremendously hard worker and shows me it’s never too late to go for your dreams and make things happen.