Oleg Chuprinin

AGSM Fellow, Senior Lecturer

School of Banking & Finance - PhD Finance, INSEAD Business School | MBA Finance, Michigan State University | MS Applied Mathematics, Kharkiv National (State) University


​Oleg specializes in several subjects in asset pricing and financial markets. His primary area of expertise is delegated portfolio management and mutual fund investment. Oleg's current projects focus on international sub-advising relationships among institutional investors, impact and interpretation of public information, portfolio investment strategies and agency problems in the asset management industry. He also conducts research on short selling, pricing inefficiencies and the role of financial media. Oleg teaches core and elective finance classes in the MBA program at the AGSM @ UNSW Business School.​

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About Oleg

​​Oleg Chuprinin is a finance professional holding undergraduate, masters and PhD degrees in the field. He joined the School of Banking and Finance at UNSW Australia in 2012 from INSEAD. His research interests lie mainly in the area of financial markets and focus on financial intermediation, pricing anomalies and the effects of information.

Oleg is particularly interested in behavioural finance and the psychology of financial decision making. His interest in behavioural finance developed at a young age as he was watching his grandmother select lottery numbers. "My grandmother used to play the lottery regularly and would always bet on numbers that had been infrequent because she thought they were due to come up. Even then I knew there was some flaw in this logic; the lottery balls don't have memory and so the probability should not be affected by the past" he says. "You see people making these types of decisions all the time when trading in financial markets – looking into the past instead of the future. I am interested in the local and global implications of these decisions, which affect personal wealth and market stability, respectively."

Oleg is on a mission to ensure that AGSM students learn to correctly recognize and quantify risks. "It is important for any business leader to be able to adequately assess risk, a failing of which was a key component in the GFC. If our students take the ability to recognise and respond to risk into their future leadership careers, they will improve their own performance as well as contribute to the overall market stability."

Oleg is also involved in developing some practical solutions for financial analysis in collaboration with the School of Computer Science.  "We are developing tools that will help students understand and perform event studies. The next step is to test this in the field to see if the technology can have real impact."

Oleg sees the true benefit of the AGSM Fellows initiative in its diversity. "AGSM students need to go into the business world as holistic leaders who can cope with technical challenges but also have the social and communication capabilities to succeed.  With the diversity of the AGSM Fellows we can work together to ensure that happens on every level."

Spending much of his research time working and communicating with industry professionals, Oleg has a wealth of practical advice to share with AGSM students, starting with one of the simplest but most overlooked aspects. "Prepare for any situation you know could be challenging, a job interview, a presentation, a round table. Know the questions you are most likely to be asked and put the time into preparing your response. Always be ready for crunch time."​