Peter Heslin


School of Management - PhD | MPsyc, Applied MA | BA (Hons)

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About Peter

Dr. Peter Heslin is a Professor of Management, Academic Fellow at Warrane College, and Scientia Education Fellow at UNSW Sydney. He is a Registered Psychologist who was elected Chair of the Academy of Management Careers Division.

Peter pioneered research on growth mindsets in organisations and wrote the most cited ever sole-authored peer-reviewed article on career success. His paper with Lauren Keating and Sue Ashford on How Situational Cues and Mindset Dynamics Shape Personality Effects on Career Outcomes was Finalist for the Careers Division’s Award for Best Paper Published in 2019. Peter’s ongoing research on mindsets in careers, leadership development, and sustainability appears in leading scholarly and practitioner-oriented outlets (e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Harvard Business Review). 

Peter has developed and published widely on the concept of being in learning mode that provides the conceptual foundation for Executive Blueprint – the course that launches AGSM students on their MBA(Executive) journey. A former consultant at KPMG Career Navigation, Peter won faculty and university-level awards for sustained teaching excellence. He is an innovative educator, consultant, researcher, and speaker who has enjoyed and welcomes further opportunities to conduct research and deliver keynote addresses and workshops during conferences and in organisations across Australia and around the world. 

Peter enjoys challenging and enabling (future) leaders to be in learning mode about how to realise their immense potential to bring out the best within themselves and those in their team, organisation, family, and communities.