Ricardo Flores


School of Management - BSc Petroleum Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina | MBA International Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | PhD Organizational Theory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Dr Flores’s areas of expertise are global strategy (with a focus on foreign location choices) and innovation management. He has studied the foreign activities of large organisations headquartered in North and South America, Europe and South East Asia.

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About Ricardo

Before entering the academic arena, Dr Flores worked for many years in the oil & gas industry as a reservoir engineer. Within academia, he is recognised as an outstanding teacher and an avid researcher. He has pioneered research on foreign location and global strategy and become a leader on the scholarship of global citizenship development within universities. 

Currently he is studying a pivotal part of the Australian National Innovation System: accelerators and other training and seed funding organisations. He is currently working on research projects linked to global/international strategy (including global leadership/citizenship development), comparative entrepreneurship across national borders, technological evolution and the role of professional associations. 

​Dr Flores’ research interests are multiple and evolving but can be described as being at the intersection of cross-national and innovation processes. He is also an active practitioner and researcher of new methods to improve teaching effectiveness within universities.​