Sam Kirshner

AGSM Scholar, Senior Lecturer

School of Information Systems and Technology Management - PhD in Management Science (Queen’s University) | MSc in Management Science (Queen’s University) | BScE in Electrical Engineering (Queen’s University)

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About Sam

​I am a lecturer in the area of Operations Management and Business Analytics. I studied electrical engineering at the undergraduate level and then obtained my MSc. and PhD in Management Science at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. My primary research interests lie in the areas of revenue management, technology management, and consumer exchange markets. My research addresses pricing and production decisions across a firm's family of products in the face of demand uncertainty using models based on optimisation techniques and game theory.  Applications of my research include dynamic pricing and capacity control for perishable network products, the timing of product upgrades in consumer electronics, and production decisions in the presence of secondary markets. My current teaching interests include Business Analytics and Innovation and Technology Management.