Siran Zhan

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

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About Siran

​Dr. Siran Zhan is an assistant professor at the School of Management in UNSW Business School. She obtained her PhD from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In her research, Dr. Zhan research investigates the individual (e.g., identity and cognitive biases) and social (e.g., culture and diversity) factors important to creative and entrepreneurial processes. She asks questions such as 1) How can we manage diversity in order to innovate better? 2) How does culture prevent smart people from innovating? 3) Why do novice entrepreneurs miss the forest for the tree and how can prior start-up experience help entrepreneurs overcome such a tendency? 4) Why entrepreneurs should not seek feedback from family when dealing with entrepreneurial setback?  By answering some of these questions, Siran’s has published her research in premier management and psychology journals and won best paper awards at leading entrepreneurship conferences.