Teddy Jiang

Tuo (Teddy) Jiang

Marketing Events Supervisor, 58.com

Master in Professional Accounting, 2012

About Tuo (Teddy)

Tuo (Teddy) Jiang graduated from a Masters in Professional Accounting in early 2012. After a stint on popular Chinese reality television show, ‘Only You’, Teddy was offered a sought-after job at fast growing company 58.com where he enjoys the position of Marketing Events Supervisor and television celebrity!

Tell us about the television show, ‘Only You’. How were you selected for the program?

Only You is a very famous reality television show all over china, especially among young university graduates and those looking to better their careers. The show gives contestants the opportunity to showcase themselves to CEOs and VPs from 12 successful companies looking to hire one or more new employees. The companies featured on the show are very sought-after places to work and many are Nasdaq listed.

I was lucky enough to land a place as a contestant on the show after sending in my resume and passing an interview process. 

Being on the show gave me the chance to catch the eye of the CEO of 58.com, Michael Yao. He offered me a job at the end of the program with the salary and relevant entitlements all decided live in front of the television audience. So everything that happened on the television stage came to reality. 

Tell us about the company 58.com? What does your job there involve?

58.com is the leading online classified advertising company in China and is often referred to as the Chinese Craigslist. The company was founded in late 2005, by Yao Jinbo, who previously founded the largest domain name exchange company in China.

I am the Marketing Events Supervisor and also the Assistant Marketing Director of 58.com. My job mainly involves marketing events (eg. sales conferences, off-line communication events, and overseas events). As the Assistant Marketing Director I also take care of PR issues.

What did you gain from your Masters of Professional accounting at UNSW?

Without my two years at UNSW, I will not be who I am today. Everything I experienced at UNSW and Sydney in general was totally different to my life in Beijing. My time at UNSW not only enhanced my learning ability and professional accounting skills but also expanded my vision and helped me fully explore my potential.  At UNSW I found a strong network   where effort is highly appreciated but sometimes you have to be aggressive when the right opportunity comes.  You might ask me, ‘Why did you study Accounting but now work as a marketing event supervisor?' I think knowledge is endless; the most important knowledge I gained at UNSW is not from courses or projects. It’s about ability and attitude you display towards everything – including difficulties – whichever industry you are in.

Did you have a career plan after University? Has your experience on ‘Only you’ changed your plans or ambitions for the future?

I had a plan after University. Actually, quite a big one. I wanted to remain in Sydney after my degree but unforeseen circumstances took me back to my hometown. There are lots of opportunities in China and as a Chinese, I want to see our country become stronger day after day. I hope to someday be a successful man to both my family and my country. I focussed on getting on ‘Only You’ ever since the program began on television. I recognised it as a unique chance for someone like me. I cannot say it changed my plan or ambitions. Instead, it accelerated my dreams for the future. I become more competitive as a result of my experience on the show and have greater confidence in myself.