Tim Fung

Tim Fung

Founder and CEO at Airtasker

BCom, 2006

About Tim

Tim Fung (BCom ’06) co-founder of start-up, Airtasker left corporate finance to pursue his true passion – building visionary companies.

I made my career choice because... I knew that in order to be good at something, I would have to pursue a career that I genuinely enjoyed and in to which I could put the many hours required to be successful.  In the beginning of my working life, it was all about getting experience across a broad range of fields that I thought were important (especially finance and marketing) but once I had learned the groundwork, I knew that I had to pursue something that I could be excited about everyday.
If I had known then what I know now, I would have…  Tried to roll out and test all of my quirky startup ideas while I had more free time during uni.  I would also have travelled more or gone on exchange, although I didn’t have much money back then.  All in all, I would still have tried to have as much fun during uni as possible. I think this is one of the best times in your life to make great friends and connections, but I would probably have tried to install a routine that was a little more conductive to productivity!

As a student I… Was always passionate about business and trying to look at the world from a different perspective in terms of trying to make life better.  Most of the time looking at things differently produces less-than-awesome ideas but every now and then, you might come up with a gem!  I also had a lot of fun as a student and met some of my best friends, some whom I work with now, including Jonathan Lui, with whom I founded Airtasker.

My most impressive achievement is… Probably starting a company with a group of friends in uni called Circuit Club - a motor sport track day and events company which is still running today, more than 10 years later!  It was a great way to travel the world, get involved in a sport that I was passionate about (but couldn’t afford) but also work with a great group of people and learn about how hard it is to build a business.  I’m also really proud of building an online community marketplace Airtasker - and we’ve still got a long way to go on this journey!

At the moment I’m inspired by... Dedicated entrepreneurs who spend lifetimes building companies that genuinely improve people’s lives.  I’m inspired by those true visionary technologists who aren’t necessarily driven by monetary gain but more on creating truly influential companies.  I have no qualms at all about financial incentives, but I think that a focus on shorter term financials can reduce the potential impact of great ideas.  We have lots of inspiring entrepreneurs working here at Tank Stream Labs that I learn from everyday.

Others say I… Took a big risk leaving a career in corporate finance to work at a modelling and media representation agency (Chic Management).  At the time, I knew that if I pursued a career in an area that I enjoyed (media and technology) then I would have a good chance of being successful.  Thankfully, whilst working at this agency, I met some great people including the Chairman who gave me great opportunities to be part of the team that built companies like amaysim.  He is still my mentor today.
My greatest goal that I’m yet to achieve…There are too many to mention - I have huge ambitions to build and continue to grow Airtasker globally but most of my other goals revolve around climbing mountains or testing Formula One cars!

You might be surprised to know that I… Love travelling (which means lots of flying) and rock climbing but I’m pretty terrified of heights.