Yenni Tim


School of Information Systems and Technology Management - PhD Information Systems, UNSW Sydney | Master of Science, National University of Singapore | Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), University of Malaya

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About Yenni

​Dr Yenni Tim has research interests in digitally-enabled phenomena and the unintended consequences of technology, and currently specialises in the fields of cybersecurity and data analytics. Yenni conducts qualitative and action design research in both organisational and societal contexts, and leads several research sandboxes in the Digital Enablement Research Network (DERN) – an incubator that champions high-impact research.

Her research on cybersecurity focuses on the human factors, from individuals’ awareness to organizational security culture and education. She works with practitioners to create data-driven understanding and measures on security awareness and behaviours. In her research, she also drives changes through behavioural interventions and the design of proofs-of-concepts, and develops metrics to assess the impact of such changes on relevant organizational outcomes.

In the education space, Yenni specialises in teaching technology-centric courses and is a strong advocate for teaching innovation that promotes relevance and practicality. She champions a 'Sandbox for Education' model that brings together students, educators and industry experts to co-create a career-focused learning experience. Similar to how a software sandbox creates a segregated environment to safely experiment with new applications, the Sandbox for Education model brings real-world scenarios and wicked problems into the classroom through deep industry engagement in the co-creation of curriculum as well as active learning sessions enriched by the use of simulations and collaborative technologies.