Yenni Tim


School of Information Systems and Technology Management - PhD Information Systems, UNSW Sydney | Master of Science, National University of Singapore | Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours), University of Malaya

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About Yenni

Dr. Yenni Tim is a practice-oriented researcher. In her research, she investigates the transformative potential of digital technology as it pervades modern business and society.

In the business context, her research develops actionable insights and proofs-of-concepts to guide the effective use of emerging technologies, such as big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), for the management of contemporary organisational challenges and for the transformation of business models and culture. A primary stream within her research in this context involves understanding the vast and constantly evolving security challenges emerging in the workplace following technology pervasion, to develop digital solutions that mitigate the negative consequences of vulnerable security behaviours. In the societal context, her research addresses the challenges faced by communities in effectively leveraging transformative technologies, such as social media, to self-organise and confront collective problems from natural disasters to environmental issues.

In the education space, Yenni is a multi-award winning educator who is committed to career-focused education. She pioneered the Sandbox for Education model and founded the Sandbox Education Program at UNSW Business School to bring together educators and industry practitioners to co-create authentic curricula and career-focused learning experiences for the students. The impact of her teaching innovation in cultivating work-ready graduates has been recognised by the national award for ICT Educator of the Year and two University awards in 2019.