Yvette McDonald

Yvette McDonald

National HR Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil

Masters of Commerce in Human Resource Management, 2004

About Yvette

Yvette McDonald graduated from a Masters of Commerce in Human Resource Management in 2004. She has worked at Coca-Cola Amatil since 2003 and is currently the company’s National HR Manager.

I made my career choice because...people fascinate me. The choices they make and how they act is really interesting.  I enjoy that everyone is unique and unpredictable.  I love that in my job there is always lots of variety.

You might think that working for Coca-Cola Amatil is all beach balls and bikinis if you judge it by the TV ads. Not all our meetings have beach balls in them though…

Seriously, the thing I love about working for CCA is that we are always looking for a better way to do something and the customer is central.  I have stayed at CCA for such a long time as I have had a really interesting variety of roles, working in different parts of the business, on acquisitions and in our subsidiaries. 

At School I…loved art classes.  I loved the freedom to create and explore.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have...never studied physics. It was really not my thing.

My most impressive achievement is...having two fantastic children.  I was not always convinced I wanted to start a family, however, having done so I have found it to be incredibly rewarding and fun.

My most exhilarating experience so far has been...walking the Inca Trail. I had horrendous altitude sickness, but managed to push through to get to the end. It was worth it.

My biggest unrealised wish is...to travel through Morocco and Southern Africa.  I will get there when the children are older.

Others say I...ask good questions.

You might be surprised to know that I…know how to program a computer!  My undergraduate degree was in Economics with a major in Computer Science and Government.  On my last day of uni, I knew I never wanted to program again and wanted to pursue a career with people.

At the moment I'm inspired by...conviction based leadership.  Our political leaders make decisions on keeping focus groups happy. I really admire leaders that make decisions that are unpopular but are the right thing.