Subscription databases

The UNSW Business School currently subscribes to a variety of financial datasets commonly used by many of the world's top researchers.

These subscriptions provide the necessary infrastructure for UNSW researchers to produce world class research outputs in the financial, accounting, economic and business disciplines. They are listed below along with other useful data sets sourced by UNSW library.

Researchers (postgraduate research degree students and faculty) at the Business School should contact Dr David Simmonds to gain access to many of these datasets. By accessing such data, researchers in the Business School agree to use the data in accordance with the respective vendor license requirements. None of the data sets can be used for commercial purposes of any kind, nor shared with colleagues outside UNSW, and any data set used must be correctly cited in all derivative works. All users of these data must agree to comply with these requirements as a precondition for access and any access by a user will signify his/her acceptance of all these conditions.


Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

Description: An internet-based access point to many of the available financial, accounting and economic research databases. All academic staff (including visiting staff) and PhD students in the the Business School can request an account
Accessing method: Via the WRDS website.
Available databases: Compustat Global, Compustat North America, Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), Option Metrics, Institutional Brokers Estimates System (I/B/E/S), New York Stock Exchange Trade and Quote (NYSE TAQ), Thomson Reuters Share Holdings, Survivor-bias Free Mutual Funds, GovPX, Mergent FISD, RatingsXpress, Execucomp, Corporate Library, KLD, Risk Metrics, Eventus, TRACE and more.

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Description: Performs event studies directly from CRSP stock databases but also accepts data from any source. In collaboration with Assoc Professor Fethi Rabhi of the School of Computer Science and Engineering and SIRCA, a web service is being developed for UNSW to implement event studies directly from SIRCA’s global Thomson Reuters Tick History and the ASX based AusEquities. 
Coverage: Any source.
Accessing methods: WRDS, Adage Event Study Workbench (contact Dr David Simmonds for details).

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NYSE Trade and Quote (TAQ)

Description: Provides intraday trade and quote data for all securities listed on US stock exchanges.
Coverage: United States
Period: From 1993 onwards
Accessing methods: WRDS, Monthly CDs/DVDs

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Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) 

Description: CRSP maintains four main data sets, the most famous of which is their US Stock Database containing end-of-day and month-end prices and returns for all listed US common stocks. Daily and month-end US price data starts in December 1925.

CRSP’s Indices Database delivers five groups of indices: Stock File Indexes, Cap-Based Portfolios, S&P 500 Universe indices, Treasury and Inflation indices and Select Treasury indices. CRSP Treasury and Inflation Database begins in 1925 for month-end and 1961 for daily data (not subscribed) for US Treasury Bills, notes and bonds. CRSP Survivor-Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Database is a complete performance record of both active and inactive US mutual funds (see later entry for more details).

Two other data sets include: 

  • CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database, which permits researchers to simultaneously access data from both CRSP’s Stock Database and Compustat’s fundamental data (see Compustat entry below); 
  • CRSP/Ziman Real Estate Data Series

Coverage: United States
Accessing methods: WRDS, CRSPAccess

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Morningstar Direct 

Description: Delivers all of Morningstar's global databases, which are regularly updated. Complete access is provided to current and historical performance, risk, operations, cash flows, and portfolio holdings data, as well as proprietary Morningstar statistics. Thousands of market indexes are included for benchmarking and market research, plus extensive manager narratives and Morningstar analysts' commentary for a qualitative view. It can be used to select and evaluate managed investments, with Modern Portfolio Theory statistics, either for research or teaching. The financial results of thousands of global companies are also available and comprehensive estimated cash flow and market share data are provided for a variety of global managed investments. A searchable database of public filings is included too. Together, these data permit performance attribution to assess the outcome of a portfolio manager's sector and stock selections.
Coverage: International
Accessing method: Shared accounts on Morningstar servers. Please contact Dr David Simmonds for further details.

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Option Metrics

Description: A comprehensive source of historical price and implied volatility data. It contains historical daily prices of options and associated underlying instruments, volumes, option open interests, implied volatilities from American or European models, and standard option sensitivities (delta, gamma, vega/kappa, and theta). Options on a particular underlying security can be tracked over the entire range of historical dates regardless of changes to the underlying ticker symbol or CUSIP. An additional set of standardized at-the-money-forward options is constructed via interpolation for each underlying series every day, and implied volatilities are computed at 30, 60, 91, 182, and 365 day expirations (longer expirations are available for some series)
Coverage: All US exchange-listed and NASDAQ equities and market indices, as well as all US listed index and equity options
Period: January 1996 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS

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CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database 

Description: Simplifies the matching of COMPUSTAT financial data and the security price data of CRSP.
Coverage: United States
Accessing methods: WRDS, CRSPLink

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CRSP survivor-bias-free US mutual funds

Description: Historical performance of open-ended mutual funds using survivor-bias-free data. Includes style, fee structure, holdings, and asset allocation. Also included are fund dividends, monthly/daily total returns and net asset values and monthly total net assets. Schedules of rear and front load fees, asset class codes, and management company contact information are provided.
Coverage: United States
Period: From 1962 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS

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Mutual Fund Links (MFLinks)

Description: A reliable means to join CRSP Mutual Fund (MFDB) data covering mutual fund performance, expenses, and related information to equity holdings data in the Thomson Reuters Share Holdings Datasets (formerly known as TFN/CDA S12 datasets).
Coverage: United States
Accessing method: WRDS

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Thomson Reuters Share Holdings Datasets

Description: Contains three separate datasets:

  • Mutual Funds (formerly known as CDA/Spectrum or Spectrum 1.2) provides security holding information for all registered mutual funds reporting to the SEC, plus 3,000 global funds;
  • 13F Institutional (formerly known as CDA/Spectrum 3.4) common stock holdings and transaction information as reported to the SEC on Form 13F by institutional managers with $100 million or more in assets under management.
  • Insider Filings as reported on Forms 3, 4, 5 and 144. This data set also includes indicators of predictive ability of insider trades for subsequent stock returns.

Coverage: United States and Canada global funds
Accessing method: WRDS

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Preqin Private Equity, Infrastructure and Cash Flows

Description: The following services are available from alternative asset class specialist, Preqin

  • Private Equity Fund Manager Profiles: covers more than 6,400 private equity fund managers of all different types worldwide, including industry preferences, funds raised, available capital, and investment preferences
  • Private Equity Buyout Deals Analyst: gives details on over 28,700 deals globally, including all buyout deals from 2006-present, 10 year buyout data for the largest 100 global buyout firms, and potential forthcoming exits and IPOs
  • Private Equity Venture Deals Analyst: reports on more than 34,700 deals globally, includes all venture deals from 2009-present, 10 year venture data for the largest 100 global venture firms, and forthcoming IPOs
  • Private Equity Performance Analyst: fund returns data for over 6,000 private equity funds worldwide, plus data on private equity and venture capital fund performance from 1980-present, market benchmarks, and top performing fund managers and funds of all time
  • Infrastructure Online: a comprehensive overview of the infrastructure industry, for over 640 infrastructure funds (1980-present) and 3,700+ deals globally (1994-present). Also includes information on fund performance (120+ infrastructure funds worldwide, from 1980 onwards), fundraising, fund terms and conditions (anonymously for 90+ funds, including management fees), fund manager profiles (350+ infrastructure fund managers of all different types), investors (profiles for more than 1,700 LPs worldwide) in infrastructure, investment consultants (over 340 globally), placement agents (50+ worldwide) and law firms (70 worldwide)
  • Named Private Equity Cash Flow Download: one-off download of private equity fund cash flow data with fund names, showing full cash flow information for over 2,100 funds globally with over 117,000 data points, including 61,349 cash flow transactions and 56,078 historic NAVs. (All users of this named cash flow data are required to complete and comply with a non-disclosure agreement.) 
  • Funds in Markets(this module is only available during 2015): reports private equity fundraisings worldwide, including concise summaries of the investment strategy, industry and geographic focus, target size, closes to date, sample LPs, placement agents and lawyers, key contacts.

Coverage: International 
Accessing method: small number of online accounts are available. Contact Dr David Simmonds for more details.

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Compustat (Standard & Poors)

Description: A collection of accounting and corporate governance data sets, the principal ones being:

  • North America, which provides financial accounting and market data for active and inactive U.S. and Canadian publicly held companies. More than 300 data items are available for annual reports from 1950 onwards.
  • Global, which covers active and inactive publicly held companies outside North America. Annual reports begin in 1987 and more than 34,000 companies are covered in standardised reports enabling comparisons across national boundaries.
  • RatingsXpress, provides Standard & Poors corporate credit ratings for companies internationally (see separate entry for RatingsXpress).
  • Execucomp, delivers detailed executive compensation information for companies that have ever been in the US S&P 1500 index since 1994 (see separate entry for Execucomp). 
  • Key Developments, summarises over 100 key development events affecting market values, such as executive changes, M&A rumors, changes in corporate guidance, delayed filings, SEC inquiries, and many more (only available for 2015, see separate entry for Key Developments).

Coverage: International (Compustat Global, RatingsXpress), Northern American (Compustat North America), S&P 1500 companies (Execucomp), Key Developments (stories reviewed in 165 countries).
Accessing methods: WRDS, Research Insight

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Description: CSMAR provide databases focusing on a wide range of attributes related to Chinese companies.  The Business School have subscribed to all of their data sets delivered via WRDS,plus 23 others sourced directly from their website.

Available from WRDS are Chinese: stock market price (daily and monthly, returns, shares outstanding); financial report (quarterly, interim, and annual; and fund (open and closed-end, with NAV and fund holders for each) data sets.

Delivered from CSMAR’s website are datasets of Chinese: stock market trading; market index; initial public offerings; new issues and rights issues; dividends; volume; block trades; trading suspension and resumption; financial statements; quarterly and interim statements; ratios; corporate governance; mergers and acquisitions and asset restructurings; related party transactions; state-owned share auctions; audit opinions; forecasts; and overseas companies; plus more

Coverage: China
Accessing methods: WRDS and accessing either of the following websites from any computer connected to UNSW’s internet services (it will not function from other locations, such as your home)

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Description: Provides comprehensive historical information on loan pricing and contracts details, terms, and conditions for more than 162,000 loan and bond facilities from around the globe. Contract information is provided for high yield bonds, private placements and hybrid financial structures data, which are compiled from SEC filings and public documents and other sources. Information includes borrower, lender, purpose, amount, fees, covenants, financials and more. 
Coverage: International
Period: 1998 to 2013
Accessing method: Secure Business School server or by contacting Dr David Simmonds.

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RatingsXpress (Standard & Poors Credit Ratings)

Description: Full coverage of Standard & Poors (S&P) credit ratings for all S&P-rated corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, sovereigns, structured financings and utilities; for structured finance, such as asset-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed and residential mortgage-backed securities; and for the U.S. Public Finance market including general obligations, project financings, and revenue bonds - approximately 600,000 issues and 20,000 issuers. Credit ratings are at the issuer and the issue level and short and long term. Ratings information includes CreditWatch and Outlook assessments.
Coverage: International but US focused originally
Period: From 1920 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS (under the Compustat tab)

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Audit Analytics

Originally sponsored by Dr Elizabeth Carson and Professor Roger Simnett
Description: detailed audit information on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly registered companies. Know who is auditing whom and how much they are paying for what services.
Coverage: International
Period: From 2000 onwards
Accessing methods: WRDS, Audit Analytics website 

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iSS Incentive Lab Academic Data

Jointly funded until the end of 2016 by Professor Ron Masulis and the School of Banking & Finance.

Description: executive compensation data claimed to be unavailable in any other service. Included in this service are detailed, standardised data on incentive awards:

  • Pay mix (cash/equity, short-term/long-term, time/performance)
  • Complete details on all awards, including:
          Metrics – type, weights, relationships
          Goals – threshold, target, maximum
          Payout structures – vesting, leverage

  • Peer groups, holding requirements and other key information.

Updates are monthly with no survivorship bias.

Period: back to 1998.

Coverage: US public companies, across all industries. 

Accessing method: Please note access ends December 2016. Secure Business School server or by contacting Dr David Simmonds.

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Execucomp (Standard & Poors)

Description: Detailed executive compensation information (salary, bonus, options and stock awards, non-equity incentive plans, pensions and other compensation) for companies that have ever been in the US S&P 1500 index since 1994. Data from 1992 is mainly for S&P 500 companies.
Coverage: S&P 1500 companies
Period: 1994 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS (under the Compustat link) 

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S&P Capital IQ People Intelligence

Description: provides access to professional profiles for over 2,640,000 private and public company executives, board members, and investment professionals, globally. Each professional in the database has a distinct profile which can include contact details, biography, education, job functions and titles, board memberships, compensation, insider activity, and options holdings. The data set helps you: gain insight on an individual's career history and professional relationships with current and prior information; view committee membership details for board members and executives; and to research individuals based on professional background, title and function, education, compensation, affiliations; and more. 
Coverage: International 
Accessing method: WRDS (under the Compustat link)

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Description: Supplies comprehensive information about the boards of listed companies, including:

  • Executive members of the board: Who are they, where from, experience; history within the board; board tenure; other external board responsibilities
  • Board structure: Stability; attrition rates; succession issues; balance; experience; time in role; independence ratio; diversity
  • Non-executive and independent directors: Backgrounds; experience; other directorships; independence; history within the board; potential conflicts of interest
  • Audit, remuneration and nomination committees: Relevant experience; independence ratio
  • Board Remuneration: Cash, shares and options; changes in value

Coverage: Begins in 1999 and covers 400,000+ people in 14,500+ listed companies. Geographical company coverage is 7,800 North America, 2,600 UK, Europe 2,300, Australasia 718, India 240, ROW 900. The online version is updated daily.
Accessing methods: A limited number of shared accounts are available for online access to the entire dataset. Online access is designed to deliver detailed analysis of individual companies. Systematic downloads are prohibited through this facility and can result in terminated access for all Business School researchers .

Larger scale data needs are served by reports sent to for North America and Europe, which contain comprehensive data extractions for companies from these regions. Contact Dr David Simmonds for more access details. Reports for other regions (UK and ROW) are not available under our subscription but can be purchased from BoardEx by interested researchers.

Director names are replaced by identifying numbers in these region reports to obtain better information on start and end dates for each director’s various positions held. Researchers needing director names as a critical component for their research are welcome to submit a request explaining this need to Dr David Simmonds for BoardEx. BoardEx may grant such requests on their individual merits.

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Corporate Affiliations (Lexis Nexis)

Funded until the end of 2015 by the School of Banking & Finance

Description: Company profiles, corporate families and personnel/contacts on over 1 million parent and subsidiary businesses worldwide. Available company information includes: profiles back to 1993; more than 1.7 million executive and director names; corporate family structures; competitor listings; executive compensation; M&A announcements; company and executive social media links; 10k and annual reports; 90-day newsfeed; and outside service relationships. In depth biographical data is provided for more than 140,000 executives and directors, such as: current and past board memberships; company affiliations; age; gender; professional memberships; and awards won. Biographical data is text searchable which makes it possible to find others with the common attributes. See this YouTube video for more details.

Coverage: Global public and private companies and members of their corporate families

Accessing Methods: Available via the Lexis Nexis website (for computers connected to the UNSW Business School network only). 

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Corporate Library 

Description: Is a source of corporate governance, compensation and other company information for over 4,000 US companies and more than 40,000 corporate executives and directors. Topics covered include: corporate board structure and independence, director positions and committee assignments, executive and director compensation, audit fees, corporate ownership and takeover defences.
Coverage: USA
Period: 2001 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS

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Description: Comprises two corporate governance data sets: Governance (describing takeover defence attributes) and Directors (containing director identification, role, expertise and committee participation details)
Coverage: USA 
Period: 1992 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS

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FactSet Lionshares

Description: The following data sets are accessible from FactSet, under a one year subscription:

  • FactSet Premium Workstation, which contains global market data (Equity, Debt, FX, Futures, Commodities); an ability to add additional applications such as Portfolio Analysis (PA), portfolio optimizers etc;
  • FactSet Ownership (Lionshares), which has global equity ownership data for institutions, mutual fund portfolios, and insiders/stakeholders. Both summary and detailed ownership data is available by security or by holder (institution, mutual fund, insider/stakeholder, as well as beneficial owner in the case of UK domiciled securities); 
  • FactSet People’s Db provides personal and professional information for over 850,000 individuals associated with public and private companies.

Coverage: International
Accessing methods: Please note access ends 28 February 2016.  FactSet data is delivered to two specific computers, which the Schools of Banking & Finance and Accounting generously supplied for use by all Business School researchers. Ms Marie Simmons from the School of Banking & Finance and Ms Lisa Lifman from the School of Accounting kindly agreed to manage the sharing arrangements for the computer in their Schools. Contact Ms Simmons or Ms Lifman to organise access for yourself and take your UNSW identification with you to demonstrate your eligibility for it.

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Description: Provides social investment benchmark indexes such as: Domini SocialSM Index (DS 400 Index), Broad Market SocialSM Index (KLD BMS Index), and the Large Cap SocialSM Index (KLD LCS Index).
Coverage: USA, capitalisation-weighted
Period: 1990 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS

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Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD)

Description: A comprehensive database of publicly-offered U.S. bonds. FISD contains issue details on over 140,000 corporate, corporate MTN (medium term note), supranational, U.S. Agency, and U.S. Treasury debt securities and includes more than 550 data items. FISD provides details on debt issues and issuers, as well as transactions by insurance companies. 
Issuer specific information includes: Industry codes, S.I.C. codes and N.A.I.C.S. codes; ticker and exchange listings; issuer names and parent relationships; bankruptcy and default detail.
Issue specific data includes: Full call, put and sinking fund schedules and call frequency codes; structured security flags and detailed information; floating rate formulas, current rates and coupon schedules; Fitch IBCA, Moody's, S&P and Duff & Phelps credit ratings; U.S. Treasury auction information; convertible debt information; underwriters, trustees and fiscal agents; unit deals and warrant information.
Transaction information includes: All bond acquisitions reported since 1994 by insurance companies; all bond disposals (sales, redemptions) since 1995 by insurance companies.
Coverage: United States
Accessing method: WRDS

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Description: A comprehensive display of tick by tick pricing and volume for all active US Treasury issues, including bills, notes, bonds, STRIPS and TIPS; trade volume representing ICAP global electronic and voice activity; as well as US Treasury market intra-day commentary from Ried, Thunberg ICAP and Wrightson ICAP.
Coverage: United States
Period: From 1991 onwards
Accessing method: WRDS

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Institutional Brokers Estimates System (I/B/E/S)

Description: Provides analyst forecasts on company earnings, cash flows, and other important financial items. Forecasts are provided from both individual analysts and summaries from all analysts combined. 
Coverage: International (but mainly USA)
Accessing methods: WRDS, Datastream

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Thomson One

Description: Available under a one year subscription, this dataset delivers the following services:

  • Company Overviews: Financial data for more than 55,000 public companies around the world; key ratios, capital structure, latest deals, top holder, events and credit ratings from Moody’s and S&P (where available); data for over one million private companies globally; access to private company profiles including business descriptions, key executives, private equity investors and fund names
  • Streaming Reuters news and quotes: Delivers market moving stories and analysis on companies, industries and market trends from 2,500 journalists across 197 bureaux worldwide
  • Deals: Comprehensive M&A and capital markets transaction data with quick access to analysis and reports on deal activity and trends such as M&A by industry sectors. Includes industry-leading league tables
  • Market Awareness Summaries: World indices, currencies, LIBOR, benchmark bond yields and Treasury rates; key economic indicators and a calendar of upcoming indicators affecting market sentiment
  • Comparables: Allows comparisons of market data, price multiples and key ratios for a company relative to others in their peer group
  • Filings: International filings with 9 million documents that 58,000 companies filed with stock exchanges and regulatory agencies such as the LSE and the SEC. Searchable by industry, location, exchange and document type
  • Officers and Directors: 500,000 public company officers and directors, reports job titles, employment history, committee affiliations, age and education
  • Analyst research (embargoed): In-depth research reports from over 1,400 investment banks and independent research firms with over 9 million reports online
  • Broker estimates: Analyst estimates and expectations for more than 20,000 active companies from the Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S database, for items such as sales, EPS, pre-tax profit and EBITDA
  • Company Events: Source of corporate information and market moving events, such as corporate conference calls
  • Ownership: Coverage of global share ownership data, investor profiles and contacts enabling identification of strategic relationships between companies

Coverage: International
Accessing methods:Please note access ends 31 December 2015. A small number of generic accounts are available for browsing this data set. A single account is available for downloading data. Contact Dr David Simmonds for more details about access methods.

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Key Developments (Capital IQ)

Sponsored for one year by Professor Ron Masulis

Description: A news analysis and filtering service providing information on key developments in categorized news and corporate events throughout financial markets. Information is tagged (by date, company, headline, situation, source) and aggregated from over 20,000 news sources and regulatory SEC filings, transcripts, investor presentations and company websites. News on executive changes, SEC inquiries, delayed filings, M&A rumors, and changes in corporate guidance are all included.

Period: varies with specific event but generally back to the early 2000’s.

Coverage: stories reviewed in 165 countries.

Accessing methods: Please note access ends 31 December 2015. WRDS (under the Compustat link).

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SDC Platinum

Description: Provides data on public equity issues (including IPOs, secondary offerings and private equity), bond issues (including private debt), syndicated loans, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures/alliances and repurchases.
Coverage: International
Accessing method: Can be installed on an academic staff member's computer

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Description: Delivers a wide range of data on most international financial products and economics. Financial products or data categories include equity, bond, index, future, option, commodity, warrant, trust, exchange rate, interest rate and economics.
Coverage: International
Accessing methods: Database can be installed on the computers of authorised academic staff. Access is also available to honours students through a dedicated computer in each School. Please contact Dr David Simmonds for details. 

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Description: Worldscope's fundamental data on the world's leading public and private companies representing over 95% of global market value. Worldscope provides annual and interim/quarterly historical financial statement content, per share data, hundreds of calculated pre-calculated ratios, pricing and textual information. Standardized formats are applied across various country standards for 57,000 companies in over 70 countries. Four major templates are available for Industrials, insurance companies, banks, and other financials to facilitate comparisons between companies and industries, within and across national boundaries. Up to 20 years of historical data are available, with annual histories of up to 1,600 data items beginning in the late 1980s for firms in developed markets, and from the early 1990s for firms in emerging markets. Some annual records date back to 1980. Interim histories of 250 items begin with 1998 for U.S. companies and of 180 items from 2001 for non-U.S. companies. Worldscope includes product and geographic segment data, textual profile data, such as address, web address, major shareholders business descriptions, plus restated data from 2004, in addition to original accounts.
Coverage: International
Period: Up to 20 years of historical data
Accessing method: Delivered as part of the Datastream service

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Orbis (Bureau van Dijk)

Originally sponsored by Professor Fariborz Moshirian and Associate Professor Donghui Li
Description: Company financials, ownership information, general company information, news, M&A, directors, annual reports and industry reports for more than 57 million public and large private companies globally. For more information download the Orbis brochure.
Coverage: International
Period: Financial histories are limited to the last ten years
Accessing method: Please note access ends 31 January 2016. Available via the Orbis website (for computers connected to the Business School network only). 

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Description: Provides complete coverage of global equities, fixed income, derivatives, foreign exchange, debt markets, M&A, metals, soft commodities, energy, economics, news, research, earnings estimates, etc.
Coverage: International
Accessing methods: Via a dedicated UNSW Library terminal (UNSW's licence permits limited data downloads from Bloomberg). 

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CUSIP Master File (Standard & Poors for the American Bankers Association)

Description: Uniquely identifies US issuers and issues of financial instruments. The CUSIP Master Files provide descriptions for over 5 million corporate, municipal and government securities offered in North America. Identifiers comprise nine characters – the first six identify the issuer, the next two define the issue, and the ninth is a check digit.
Coverage: North America
Accessing method: WRDS

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Thomson Innovation (Delphion)

Description: Previously known as Delphion, Thomson Innovation hosts Derwent Patent Index (DWPI). DWPI is the world's most comprehensive database of the global patent literature with full coverage of agricultural and veterinary medicine, electronic/electrical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and polymers.

Each record within the database defines a patent family which is grouped around a Basic patent, usually being the first published example of the invention. All subsequent filings refer back to the Basic patent, and are known as Equivalent patents. Over 21.85 million patent families relating to more than 45.2 million patent documents can be found in the dataset. Almost a million new patent families are added each year.

A short abstract detailing the nature and use of the invention is provided for each patent.

Coverage: Data comes from over 47 worldwide patent authorities. 
Accessing method: A small number of shared accounts are available for online access. Contact Dr David Simmonds for more details.

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United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics (UN Comtrade) 

Description: Contains detailed imports and exports statistics reported by statistical authorities of close to 200 countries or areas. Annual trade data begins from 1962. It is the most comprehensive trade database available with more than 1 billion records. An example of the kind of record it delivers is the exports of cars from Germany to the United States in 2004 in terms of value (US dollars), weight and supplementary quantity (number of cars). The database is continuously updated with trade data received from national authorities and standardized by the UN Statistics Division before being added to UN Comtrade.

Coverage: International
Accessing method: Clicking on this link from any computer connected to UNSW’s internet services, gives access to this data set. Access is not available from computers connected via any other internet service, such as your home internet service provider.

Data can be accessed directly from the site’s home page or by using one of the query tools under the "data query tab". The shortcut query (same as the home page) and the basic query are probably most useful for people looking for information about trade of a particular product or between a particular pair of countries. The express query is best for downloading multiple country/multiple product data.

Researchers searching for help can find useful information at the United Nations International Trade Statistics knowledgebase.

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Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA)

Description: SIRCA is a not-for-profit financial services research organization. It provides financial data and programming support to universities across Australia and New Zealand. Databases include: Thomson Reuters Tick History (tick level data with millisecond time stamps for virtually all of the world's markets), Thomson Reuters Global News Data, ASX Daily Data, ASX Intraday Data, ASX Derivatives Data, SFE Daily Data, SFE Intraday, Chi-X Intraday, ASX CHESS Holdings Data, Australian Company Announcements Signal G, Australian Corporate Governance, Share Price and Price Relatives (SPPR). 
Programming support: SIRCA provide programming support via their Data Consult process. This requires you to complete a consultation form justifying the research need for support. Please ask Dr David Simmonds for further details about the consultation request form.
Accessing method: Via the SIRCA website
Internal access: ASX Daily Data, known as the Core Research Data (CRD), is also available via a secure server (authorisation required). Please contact Dr David Simmonds for details.

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Thomson Reuters Tick History

Description: Thomson Reuters Tick History (TRTH) is a unique data base of tick level price, market depth and other information spanning the world’s markets. It dates from January 1996 and is updated four times each day, as the world’s new data unfolds. TRTH is a faithful record of information reported moment by moment through Thomson Reuter’s world-wide real-time Integrated Data Network (IDN).

All of the world’s major asset classes and markets are covered. Data on all traded equity instruments is available from over 250 regular stock exchanges around the planet. Most over-the-counter markets are covered too. Price, quote and other data is stored for the world’s markets in Futures, Options, Commodities & Energy, Foreign Exchange, Money, Fixed Income. Also available are global data on Indices, Funds and Economic Indicators. TRTH comprises more than 35 million different instruments.

Information can be delivered direct from TRTH as intraday tick data, which displays all trades and every movement in the best bid and ask quotes, every moment through each day; or it can be aggregated by TRTH through the day into seven intervals ranging from 1 second to 1 hour; or it can be delivered as end-of-day data. Bid and ask limit order books, or the market depth of each order book, are also available for many exchanges. TRTH permits users to easily select the most appropriate data type and frequency for their research.

Complementing the traditional GUI access to TRTH are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Matlab, R and SAS.
Coverage: Global
Accessing method: Via the SIRCA website. To apply for an account please contact Dr David Simmonds.

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Australian Equities Tick History

Description: Provides intraday (trade and quote, full order book) ASX data from 1987 onwards.
Coverage: ASX (Chi-X data is available outside the AusEquities interface)
Accessing method: Via the SIRCA website. To apply for an account please contact Dr David Simmonds.

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Australian Share Price and Price Relatives (SPPR – SIRCA)

Description: End of month records for fully paid shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Available records include: share prices; dividends; capitalization adjustments; franking credits; price relatives (with and without franking credits); issued share numbers; market capitalizations; volume traded; industry classifications; ticker codes; foreign company status. Each series correctly links across all name and ticker code changes which are separately recorded in a name/ticker history table. Value-weighted indices derived from the complete dataset are provided for the entire market and various industry classifications.

Coverage: Full coverage since December 1973 of fully paid shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), with some price relatives back to February 1958.

Accessing method: Via the SIRCA website. To apply for an account please contact Dr David Simmonds.

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Australian Company Announcements (ACA – SIRCA)

Description: Complete record of announcements issued to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) by its listed companies, in accordance with their listing obligations. Original announcements are held in this collection, together with corresponding text conversions, which allow users to search the entire collection for key words of interest within individual announcements. Other search parameters include: company names and tickers; date ranges; and listing rule reporting categories. Users can choose to download actual announcements or event-study friendly summary files containing ticker codes, announcement dates and listing rule categories.

Coverage: Announcements since 1992 by ASX listed companies. 

Accessing method: Via the SIRCA website. To apply for an account please contact Dr David Simmonds.

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Australian Corporate Governance (CG – SIRCA)

Description: Corporate Governance attributes from annual reports for companies that have been among the largest 500 ASX listings since 2001. Data continues for old top 500 members and data is recovered for new top 500 members so that almost 1,500 companies are covered. Recorded attributes include: compensation structure of a company, which breaks down remuneration into twelve categories; equity compensation structure, such as shares, options, performance rights and other equities granted; directors and executives of a company, their biographical details and committee memberships; personal shareholdings of directors and senior executives; previous expertise of directors and executives; substantial shareholder information, as well as combined holdings by the largest 20 shareholders; audit information, such as audit opinion, auditor name and fees; committee details for each company, including details of the committee charter; committee details for each director and their attendance record.

Coverage: 2001 onwards

Accessing method: Via the SIRCA website. To apply for an account please contact Dr David Simmonds.

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Aspect Financial: DataLink (Morningstar) 

Description: Provides financial accounting data of Australian firms from 1989 onwards.
Coverage: Australia
Accessing method: Via CSV file with daily CSV file updates to augment the complete data set. FinAnalysis provides access to some of these data via the UNSW Library (see FinAnalysis (Morningstar) below)

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ASX Directors and Substantial Shareholders (Morningstar)

Description: Three separate data sets covering ASX listed companies.

Director appointments and changes

Included in this data set are director's name, year of birth, gender, directorship, ASX company name and ticker code, dates of appointment/change/cessation. Data exists from 1998 (105 records) and steadily increases in quantity through to 2010 (10.313 records). 42855 records exist for 3827 companies are covered over 8605 company years.

Director trades

Shows share and option trades by directors. The quantity and value of each trade and director's post trade holding is shown with a brief description of the nature of the change. Significant coverage begins in 2005 and extends to 2011.

Substantial shareholder notices

Records the commencement, changes and cessation of substantial shareholdings. Other fields include the number of relevant interest shares held and their proportion of the number of listed shares. Significant coverage begins in 2003 and extends to 2011

Period: Various to 2011. No updates are scheduled for this data set
Accessing method: Contact Dr David Simmonds for further details

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DatAnalysis Premium (Morningstar)

Description: Information on corporate details including business summaries, directors and management, company history and listing details, operational history, takeovers, capital table and history, dividend history, shareholder information, directors' interests, controlled entities, segmental performance, company announcements - Signal G, company announcements - image signal and annual reports. Also included now are 12-year histories of more than 400 data items of financial information taken from annual reports.
Coverage: Companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange
Period: 1989 onwards
Accessing method: Via the UNSW Library website

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Mergent Online

Description: worldwide database of publicly listed companies containing full company profiles, detailed financials and supporting original documents from the reporting companies. Includes over 55,000 companies (delisted companies from 1996 onwards) and contains more than 300,000 annual reports, with as much as 25 years of full and detailed financials for each company. Also provided are historic equity prices, both adjusted and unadjusted. Other inclusion are: US SEC and Canadian SEDAR filings; detailed biographies on all US company executives, quarterly financials on all US and Canadian companies; and interim financials for Australian companies. Information can be downloaded for up to 500 companies at a time. Use the help function on the top right corner of the Mergent Online screen for webpage specific assistance.

Coverage: Global, with particular focus on North America. Full coverage for USA, Canada, China and Australia and 95% by market capitalization for the rest of the world. 

Accessing Methods: Via the UNSW library website.

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OneSource Global Business Browser

Description: Includes information on the top global private & public companies including those in the Asia Pacific and Australia/New Zealand regions. Analyst Reports tab provides company forecasts. Also provides detailed files of significant company announcements.
Accessing method: Via the UNSW library website

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Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX) (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Description: the only USA survey providing information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics. Survey data are collected for the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau and consists of two parts: the Quarterly Interview Survey and the Diary Survey. The CEX has been described as the US equivalent of Australia’s HILDA Survey (see separate entry for HILDA).

The CEX is used by economic policymakers examining the impact of policy changes on economic groups, by the Census Bureau as the source of thresholds for the Supplemental Poverty Measure, by businesses and academic researchers studying consumers' spending habits and trends, by other Federal agencies, and to regularly revise the Consumer Price Index market basket of goods and services and their relative importance.

Coverage: USA 

Period: The entire back history is available, covering all data between 1972 and 1999. Data from 2000 onwards is freely available from this website, A copy of the data between 2000 to 2013 has been kindly captured from the website by Dr Konark Saxena and is included with the rest of the collection described above.

Accessing method: Secure Business School server or by contacting Dr David Simmonds.

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Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) 

Description: A household-based panel survey that began in 2001 and collects information on economic and subjective well-being, labour market dynamics and family dynamics. 
Coverage: The wave one panel consisted of 7,682 households and 19,914 individuals.
Accessing method: Contact UNSW University Librarian Andrew Wells and successfully complete a deed of confidentiality.

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Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

Description: A longitudinal study exploring family and social issues that can be used to gauge critical periods for the provision of services and welfare support and to identify the long-term consequences of support policies. For more information visit the Growing Up in Australia website.
Coverage: Australian children born March 1999 - February 2004
Accessing method: Contact UNSW University Librarian Andrew Wells and successfully complete a deed of confidentiality. 

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UNSW Library Business Subject Guide

Description: Created by UNSW Library to help researchers find the most relevant information for particular disciplines and subject areas. In addition to peer-reviewed journals, content includes information on companies, industries and countries from various data resources, such as DatAnalysis, OneSource Global Business Browser, Mergent Online, IBISWorld and more. 
Accessing method: Via the UNSW Library website

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