Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC)

The Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC) is a grouping of scholars, associates and visiting researchers from inside and outside UNSW, who collaborate to generate, conduct and publicise research that:

  • Promotes innovative and ethical practices in workplaces, and
  • Contributes to effective regulation of labour standards

It aims to be a leading source of authoritative analysis, informing policy and practice in fields such as skill, workplace health and safety, sustainable productivity, participation and equity.

Hot Topics

  • Several IRRC associates are signatories to an open letter, distributed and published on 19 March 2019, on the need for faster wage growth in Australia. The letter was signed by 124 labour policy experts (including lawyers, economists, industrial relations and other policy analysts). The letter and full list of signatories are available at
  • The June issue of Economic and Labour Relations Review features an overview article by Professor Jim Stanford on the prospects for an historic shift in the direction of Australia’s workplace and industrial policies. It proposes a mix of industrial relations and macroeconomic policies to attain better labour market outcomes. Economic and Labour Relations Review has provided open public access to the article for a limited time:

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Featured Project

Spotlight: A Skills Recognition Tool

The Spotlight Toolkit was developed for the NZ Dept of Labour to help incorporate a better identification of under-recognised skills into HR processes. For these tools, click the link above or left.