Asia-Pacific Ubiquitous Healthcare Research Centre (APuHC)

Asia-Pacific Ubiquitous Healthcare Research Centre (APuHC) is a UNSW Research Centre established in 2007

It evolved from collaborative research led by Professor Pradeep Ray (APuHC Director) with academics from UNSW faculties of business, medicine and engineering, UNSW research institutes such as Australian Institute of Population and Ageing Research (AIPAR) and ARC Centre for Excellence CEPAR and industry bodies (e.g., Aged Care Industry IT Council) and overseas organizations (eg, WHO, IEEE, ITU-D and universities in Asia, Europe and North America).

APuHC has been designated as a WHO collaborating centre from August 2013 as per the following terms of reference:

WHO collaborating centre terms of reference

  • To develop Models and Indicators for the assessment of eHealth/mHealth in improving access to and quality of healthcare delivery
  • To develop and evaluate mobile phone based applications for aged care, particularly for chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and COPD

WHO projects

  • Evidence based Evaluation and Assessment of eHealth
  • Conduct a landscape Analysis of mHealth Solutions in the area of chronic diseases, elders and people with special needs
  • Use case Analysis to identify perceptions about the most important mobile health services to be provided for elders and people with special needs


The main objectives of APuHC are to conduct collaborative research in ubiquitous healthcare (uHealth) using evolving information and communication technologies (eg, mobile phones), including:

  • Development and evaluation of uHealth Systems at different levels (network, applications, service, process and governance)
  • Development and assessment of eResearch infrastructure, such as Ontology-Based Multi Agent Systems (OBMAS), for the sharing of research data within and across academic disciplines including healthcare
  • Studies on the Impact of uHealth and mHealth (healthcare based on mobile phones) on various public health issues, such as smoking cessation, treatment of infectious diseases 
  • Models for integrating uHealth in governance and business processes in situations such as disasters
  • Paradigms for promoting healthy life with the help of governments and businesses
  • Intelligent care model for aged care based on the evolving service science paradigm


The APuHC research is organised into the following programs:

Program 1: Cooperative Management of e/m Health. In this program APuHC researchers and collaborators work on the development and deployment of ontology-based eResearch infrastructure needed for the electronic sharing of research data by researchers in different academic disciplines (eg., healthcare research).

Program 2: Projects on aged care funded by the industry and aged care organisations in Australia: The ageing population and increasing spread of chronic illnesses in many countries in the world necessitates concentrated research on healthcare paradigms beyond the current hospital-centric healthcare focus. In this program, APuHC researchers and collaborators are working on eHealth strategies and solutions for aged care and chronic illness management in the primary care sector.

Program 3: International projects on the assessment of eHealth and mHealth for various applications (eg., tele-consultations, HIV/TB treatment, mental health, smoking cessation, pandemic/disaster management) mainly in developing countries: Research in this program is funded by global bodies (WHO, IEEE and ITU-D) and governments in participating countries.

APuHC has been leading a number of international initiatives in eHealth and mHealth, such as the ITU-D/IEEE International Initiative on mHealth in Developing Countries (since 2004). APuHC has completed a WHO research study (2006-2009) on the assessment of eHealth involving four countries (including China and India) In the Asia-Pacific region.

APuHC is now leading a recently announced global longitudinal study on the assessment of mHealth (healthcare using mobile wireless technologies) involving twelve countries representing all the continents. Professor Pradeep Ray, the Director of APuHC founded the IEEE Healthcom Conference (in 1999) and Chaired the Advisory Committee from 2005 to Healthcom2010, the premier international event on eHealth. For more information follow the link in Related links.