​About us

Founded in 1976 CAER is one of the oldest centres in the University and the first centre to be established in the former Faculty of Commerce and Economics (now the UNSW Business School).

Since its inception CAER's mission has been to encourage and facilitate applied economic research, to foster links between the academics at The University of New South Wales and the business and public sector communities, and to raise the applied research profile of the School of Economics more generally.

Our Strategic Goals:

Broadly respected:

  • Contributing strongly to University and Business School strategic goals through excellence in research and engagement
  • Community understanding of the significance of the Centre
  • Recognised as an international leader in diverse areas of public policy, with high public awareness and positive perception

Champion of informed policy:

  • Policy recommendations developed with government and industry
  • Informed by high-quality academic research

Strong and dynamic:

  • Development of broad strategic partnerships with government and industry
  • Agile in addressing emerging policy challenges