EMG Workshop 2013

November 28, 2013, Sydney Australia

The Economic Measurement Initiative of the Centre for Applied Economic Research hosted its 13th annual international workshop on November 28-29, 2013 at The Sebel Peir One, Dawes Point, Sydney. The event was supported by the UNSW Australia Business School, Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Productivity Commission and the Australian Research Council.


EMG Workshop 2013 Program (pdf)

Papers and presentations

Marshall Reinsdorf, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
“A Test of Hedonic Price Indexes for Imports”

Iqbal Syed, UNSW
“Hedonic Price Indexes for High Tech Products”

Jonathan Haskel, Imperial College Business School
“Constructing a Price Deflator for R&D: Calculating the Price of Knowledge Investments as a Residual”

Dan Sichel, Wellesley College
“Is the Information Technology Revolution Over?”

Wojciech Szewczyk, European Commission, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies and Russel Cooper, UNSW, Canberra
“The Ubiquitous Internet, ICT Productivity and Household Economic Welfare”

Cristian Rotaru and Franklin Soriano, Australian Bureau of Statistics
“Flexible Working Arrangements, Collaboration, ICT, and Innovation: A Panel Data Analysis”

Jason Potts, RMIT University and Stuart Cunningham, QUT
“Digital Media and Content Industries: A study of the impact on household production”

Emili Tortosa-Ausina, Universitat Jaume I, Spain
“Banking Integration Indicators: Is Full Integration Desirable?”

Prasada Rao, University of Queensland
“Purchasing Power Parities, Price Levels and Measures of Regional and Global Inflation”

Derek Burnell and Ken Ren, Australian Bureau of Statistics
“Measuring Natural Resources for Australia’s Mining Industry”

Kenneth Clements, University of Western Australia
“Understanding New Resource Projects”

Jan de Haan, Statistics Netherlands and Delft University of Technology
“Online Data, Fixed Effects and the Construction of High-Frequency Price Indexes”

Chihiro Shimizu, Reitaku University
“Separating the Age Effect from a Repeat Sales Index: Land and structure decomposition”

Robert Hill and Michael Scholz, University of Graz
“Incorporating Geospatial Data into House Price Indexes: A Hedonic Imputation Approach with Splines”