Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC)

The Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC) is a grouping of scholars, associates and visiting researchers from inside and outside UNSW, who collaborate to generate, conduct and publicise research that:

  • Promotes innovative and ethical practices in workplaces, and
  • Contributes to effective regulation of labour standards

It aims to be a leading source of authoritative analysis, informing policy and practice in fields such as skill, workplace health and safety, sustainable productivity, participation and equity.

Equal Remuneration - Innovations at UNSW

A skills-assessment toolkit developed at UNSW has helped secure pay rises of up to 45% for 150,000 workers in the community sector, the bulk of them low-paid women.

Recognising the Skill in Jobs Traditionally Considered Unskilled

The IRRC-developed Spotlight skills identification methodology will be used to explore whether there are under-codified skills in range of hospitality, property services, retail and manufacturing jobs.

Other projects

Associates of the Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC) are involved in a variety of Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage and Discovery Projects.

Death at Work - improving support for families

Did your loved one die as a result of a sudden work-related injury? If so, we would like to learn about how you and your family were affected by the death and the challenges you faced afterwards.

Reports and submissions

Links to our latest industrial relations reports and submissions.

Professional Skills Project

Enhancing careers through a framework to identify under-recognised skills, this is a joint project with the School of Org. & Management, funded by the Executive Director, Finance & Operations, UNSW & led by A/Prof Ian Hampson.

Future of aircraft maintenance in Australia

This ARC Linkage Project, 2011-2013, led by IRRC Director Michael Quinlan and IRRC Associate Ian Hampson, investigates the costs and benefits of building an Australian workforce skilled in heavy aircraft maintenance.

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Featured Project

Spotlight: A Skills Recognition Tool

The Spotlight Toolkit was developed for the NZ Dept of Labour to help incorporate a better identification of under-recognised skills into HR processes. For these tools, click the link above or left. 

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