Hidden skills recognition and job analysis

In 2014 the IRRC was approached, through the Business School UNSW Canberra, by a large NGO to undertake a project using the Spotlight tool in a new approach to skill identification in job analysis and position description writing.

A Junor from the IRRC and T Wilcox from the School of Management conducted interviews with over 90 staff, gaining a unique insight into the operational aspects of a leading NGO, including spending several days on-site at a long day care centre. This large-scale generated codified job skills data and ‘heatmaps’ allowing the matching of ‘soft’ skills to job titles and resulted in a clarification of some classification descriptors’ relativities, PDs and roles.

The project was the fifth Spotlight project undertaken and the research findings contribute to a now very substantial data base of ‘soft skill’ profiles in a wide range of industries — health, community services, education, clerical/admin work, professional services, hospitality, cleaning, manufacturing and occupations ranging from those seen as low-skilled to senior policy, professional and managerial roles.

This project led to the development of a new ‘heatmap’ technique for documenting skills.