Regulation, change and the work environment

IRRC Director Professor Michael Quinlan worked with former IRRC Visitors Professor David Walters (Cardiff) and Professor Katherine Lippel (Ottawa) to organise an International Symposium on Governance, Change and the Work Environment, at Cardiff University, 30 June–2 July, with funding from a University of Ottawa grant for a three-country study led by Professor Lippel, of the regulatory effectiveness of workers compensation and workplace health and safety legislation.

This was part of an ongoing partnership to develop a research agenda around the relationship between governance and workplace health and safety in the context of change in the work environment, particularly the growth in precarity.

The 2014 colloquium was organised in part to facilitate the participation of emerging scholars. From 30 November to 2 December 2015, a full follow-up International Conference on Regulation, Change and the Work Environment was held at the University of Ottawa.