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The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) was established in May of 2007 and is located in the School of Management (East Wing, 5th Floor) in the UNSW Business School

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) was established in May of 2007 and is located in the School of Management (East Wing, 5th Floor) in the Business School . 

The CIE’s principal ambitions are to improve the quality of innovative thinking in Australia, and to stimulate entrepreneurial skills in students, faculty members, UNSW alumni and the general entrepreneurial public.

Founded as a Community Centre, the CIE facilitates learning and teaching, the sharing of ideas, and robust interaction within and across three distinct communities – UNSW students, UNSW and affiliated staff and faculty, and people in industry, including entrepreneurs, alumni, government representatives, investors and employers. CIE initiatives have many areas of overlap between community segments.

It is our vision to become globally recognized as the Asia-Pacific’s centre of excellence for teaching, learning, and research about innovation and entrepreneurship.

The CIE is a non-profit centre funded exclusively by donations. Help us support Australia’s future innovators and entrepreneurs with your tax-exempt contribution!


The 2016 AACS Convenience Innovation Challenge

Fair Share Competition

  • Van Alen Institute and AECOM have just launched Fair Share, a student competition inviting multidisciplinary teams from around the world to apply the tools and principles of the "sharing economy" to tackle pressing urban challenges.
  • Fair Share challenges teams to identify a problem or need that current infrastructure struggles to address, in a city of their choosing, and to propose a sharing system with both digital and physical components to address this need.
  • The winning team receives $7,500 and up to $25,000 of in-kind support to realize their proposal. Visit the competition website for more information.
  • The deadline to pre-register is June 14; proposals are due in September.

Start Tel Aviv Competition

  • The Embassy of Israel in conjunction with Start-Up Aus, OurCrowd, and the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce is running a competition aimed at promoting and empowering female entrepreneurs within the high tech start-up industry.
  • The competition is called "Start Tel Aviv" and is being run around the world in 30 different countries, with the winners from each being sent to Israel where they will partake in "DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference". This conference runs from September 25-29, and is Israel's largest international hi-tech gathering, featuring hundreds of startups, VC’s, angel investors and leading multinationals and is part of a global drive by Israel to empower up and coming female entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to learn from the brightest and sharpest minds Israel has to offer.
  • The competition is now open, for more information please visit the competition website.


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