The Australian Institute for Population Ageing Research (AIPAR) will deliver a highly innovative and creative research program through three mechanisms:
  1. Cross-disciplinary research programs will deliver broad-based and robust outcomes for the end-user
  2. By offering research training to PhD students and postdoctoral fellows it will create a new generation of researchers with an enriched appreciation of disciplinary contributions
  3. The management committee will pursue their own ageing research programs to provide a continuing rich source of complementary research

At the heart of the research will be the development and design of innovative theory, methodology, and statistical analysis to generate the best possible outcomes.

Current Research Projects

  • Downsizing Amongst Older Australians
  • Comparing the Living Standards of Children and Older People Within and Between Nations
  • Developing Sustainable Retirement Policy in a Chinese Province: The Case of Zhejiang
  • Home Modification Information Clearinghouse
  • Koori Dementia Care Project (KDCP): Translating Dementia Research Knowledge into Care and Practice with Aboriginal Communities
  • Liveable Bathrooms for Older People: Designing out Dependence in Activities of Daily Living
  • Managing Longevity Risk: Quantification and Implications for Products, Markets, Risk Management and Solvency
  • The Impact of Environment throughout LIFE on Selected Cognitive Performance and Neural Structure in Aboriginal Australians: The LIFESPAN Study
  • What is the Burden of Dementia in Urban Dwelling Indigenous Australians?
  • Working Longer: Policy Reforms and Practice Innovations