Australian Society of Heterodox (SHE) Economists Conferences

13th Annual SHE Conference

The 13th annual Australian Society of Heterodox Economists (SHE) Conference will be held on the 8th and 9th of December 2014 at the University of New south Wales

The annual SHE Conference provides a vital forum for the discussion of alternatives to mainstream economics. The Conference provides a broad pluralistic and interdisciplinary forum to discuss issues of importance to heterodox economists.

For 2014 the SHE Conference theme is Tackling persistent economic problems: Heterodox perspectives.


  • Full Registration at $250 (includes GST).  People giving two or more presentations are expected to pay full registration.
  • Early bird Registration on or before 28 November at $220 (includes GST)
  • Concessional registration at $110 (includes GST) – for students, unemployed or retired
  • One day registration at $130 (includes GST)
  • Conference Dinner on Monday 8 December at $70 (includes GST)

Submission details

Submissions are invited for single papers, complete sessions and symposia (comprising more than one session) relevant to the over-arching conference theme, or which discuss issues of importance from perspectives which differ from, or critically examine, mainstream economics.

Single papers

All papers should include a 250 word abstract that clearly states the issue being addressed, its main points and argument. It should be stated, at the time of submission, if you require your paper to be refereed and if you wish your paper to be considered for a symposium. All papers on heterodox issues will be considered.

  • Refereed papers: Monday 3rd November 2014
  • Unrefereed papers: Monday 17th November 2014

Style guide for conference papers.

Complete sessions

We welcome proposals for complete sessions. Session proposals should be sent to and include the following information:

  • A short title
  • A description of the session which should be no more than one page
  • The names of the proposed participants in the session
  • An abstract for each paper to be included in the session
  • The name and email address of the session organiser

The deadline for the submission of session proposals is Monday 29th September.


We encourage proposals for symposia which address a single topic or issue. The SHE Conference Committee will work with symposia organisers, when constructing the conference program, to ensure a coherent list of sessions for each symposium, and schedule these so that participants can follow a symposium across more than one session. Symposium proposals should be submitted to and include the following information:

  • A short title (no more than 5 words)
  • A short description of the type of paper that would be suitable for inclusion in the symposium
  • The name and email address of the symposium organiser

The deadline for symposium proposals Monday 29th September.

We already have a number of proposed symposia. If you wish to submit a paper to these, please email the relevant contact:

  • International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) Symposium on the care economy. Contact: Siobhan Austen
  • The Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) Symposium on the issues facing Australia, New Zealand, and USA going forward. Contact: Susan Schroeder
  • The Political Economy of Youth Unemployment. Contact: Raja Junankar
  • Microfoundations and Marxist economics. Contact: Roni Demirbag
  • Heterodox perspectives on Piketty. Contact Peter Kriesler
  • The Political Economy of Local Government. Contact: Alan Morris
  • Symposium on Finance and Labour. Contact: Lisa Magnani
  • Beyond the recovery of utilitarian ethics in economics: towards a cooperative account of well-being. Contact Miriam Bankovsky


The SHE Conference Committee will consider all proposals for papers, sessions and symposia, and will notify you of the acceptance or rejection of your proposal.

  • Complete session proposals and symposium proposals are due by Monday 29th September 2014
  • Refereed papers: Monday 3rd November 2014
  • Unrefereed papers: Monday 17th November 2014


  • New College - located near the main entrance of The University of New South Wales campus on Anzac Parade, Kensington. Minimum two night stay but if delegates mention the conference when they book they will receive a discounted rate of $65 per night including breakfast

    Single rooms with shared bathroom: u
    sual rate $70 per night (room only), $60 per night (room only) for stays longer than 7 days
  • Other campus accommodatio
  • Other accommodation in Sydney

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