Research quality framework (RQF)

The Research Quality Framework (RQF) is an Australian Government initiative to formulate a world’s best practice framework for evaluating research quality and the impact of research, will ensure public funding is being invested in research which will deliver real benefits to the wider community.

Announced by the Minister for Education, Science and Training, Julie Bishop on 14 November 2006 the RQF will take place in accordance with the model developed by the RQF Development Advisory Group and will involve the measurement of both quality and impact. After the 2007 federal election the new Australian Government announced the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative which would replace the RQF.

The Society for Heterodox Economists is concerned that these kinds of initiatives will bias the Australian research community towards routine research that provides slow but measureable advances and discourage the audacious, heterodox research that can lead to exciting innovations. We encourage the discussion of the issues surrounding the RQF at our annual conference.