Style guide for conference papers


Submissions should be up to 6,000 words and contain an abstract of less than 150 words describing the major points made in the paper and the main conclusions reached. Submissions should be electronic, preferably in Microsoft Word format.


  • Manuscripts should be typed single spaced on one side of A4 paper (210mm x 297mm)
  • No space between paragraphs
  • No indent for the first sentence of paragraph
  • Section headings should be highlighted in bold
  • Subsections should be in italics
  • When using acronyms or abbreviations, use the full title the first time, followed by the acronym in brackets

Mathematical notation, tables and charts

  • Articles of a mathematical nature should also contain a clear statement of the arguments in plain English, with substantial amounts of mathematical material placed in an appendix
  • Mathematical notation should be provided in both symbols and words
  • Tables, charts and/or figures should be numbered consecutively and included at the appropriate place in the text in Microsoft Word or Rich Text format
  • Provide titles and captions (citations) for each table, chart and/or figure


  • Quotations of four lines or more should be indented
  • Shorter quotes should be included in the body of the text

Footnotes and references

  • Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and should be numbered serially
  • In-text references should include the author’s name, year of publication and page, for example:
  • ‘Chapman (1983: 230) has argued … ’
  • ‘Many questioned the equality of working Japanese women (Sano 1983: 420)’
  • Where an author has more than one publication in the same year, use alphabetical ordering to distinguish, for example:
  • (Dabscheck 1986b: 46)
  • A references list should be included at the end of the text and this should cite all works referred to
  • The reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order by author

Examples of referencing

For books
Hagan, J. (1981) A History of the ACTU, Longman Cheshire, Melbourne.

For chapters within books
Deery, S. (1989) ‘Unions and technological change’, in G.W. Woods and D.H. Plowman (eds), Australian Trade Unions: An Industrial Relations Perspective, Macmillan, Melbourne, Second edition, pp. 269–287.

For articles in journals
Whitehead, T. (1987) ‘Stocks and flows: Current policy issues in Australia’, Economics, 22 (2),pp. 10–17.

For a web page with an author
Winston, J. (1999) A look at referencing, available: http// [accessed 20 October 2000]

For a web page without an author
(1999) Available: [accessed 20 October 2000]