Scope of Submissions

The Economic and Labour Relations Review publishes original, scholarly/research-based articles, all of which are double-blind peer reviewed. The normal word length maximum is 8,000.

Submissions must be research-based and demonstrate high standards of scholarship. At the same time, they must be clear, accessible to the well-informed lay reader, and free from jargon. Each submission must articulate clearly the question being explored, and its relevance to an international readership, or to a current policy or theoretical debate. The theoretical, methodological or empirical approach to addressing that question must be outlined. In general, an article must make an original contribution to theory or policy by:

  • Developing a new concept or theory and explaining its derivation and policy or empirical implications; or
  • Using a systematic analysis or mapping of a literature in order to provide a new critical perspective or write a ‘position paper’ on current debates or relevant policy issues; or
  • Using a literature review to derive a researchable question and then use empirical analysis to test an explanatory model that seeks to answer it.

Authors are expected to build on work published in the journal wherever possible, by reading past issues of the journal in order to engage with debates and themes that are relevant to their submission.

Book reviews

ELRR welcomes book reviews of around 2000 words. These need to be submitted through ScholarOne/Sagetrack. A full list of up-to-date books for review is available from the journal’s editorial office. The book review editors may also be contacted with review proposals.


ELRR plays a role as a journal of record, and invites obituaries that document the academic contribution of significant scholars.