Poster competitions

Student Research Fair prizes

The following prizes will be awarded at the Student Research Fair:

  • 2 x Best Honours Research Slide: $500 + recognition on AHEGS
  • People's Choice Honours Research Slide: $50 Westfield gift voucher
  • 2 x Best Higher Degree Research Slide: $500 + recognition on AHEGS
  • People's Choice Higher Degree Research Slide: $50 Westfield gift voucher

Please join us at 3:30pm on Monday 24th September in The Place, ground floor UNSW Business School, to find out if you've won and/or congratulate the winners.

Poster topics

Higher Degree Research Competition

UNSW Business School PhD and MPhil students should present an aspect of the research they are undertaking for their thesis. (Your supervisor should be able to advise you on what might make a good slide, if you are unsure.)

Slide content

Please note that viewers should be able to read your slide in less than five minutes – if it looks like it will take longer than that, many people won't bother and will choose to move to the next slide instead. Images, diagrams and graphs are a great way to make your research accessible to an audience with a short attention span. Please see below for some examples of research slides.

Slide format

Viewers should be able to read your slide from a few feet away.


You may choose to prepare your poster using our PowerPoint templates:

Poster submissions

Interested students who intend to submit for both competitions are due by noon on Monday 11 September.

Presenters will be required to stand at their poster for half an hour during the poster presentation session to discuss their research with staff, students, and guests attending the fair; therefore, All competitors must be available to attend the Fair on Monday 24 September 2018.

Students should be prepared to describe their research in a couple of minutes to interested audience members on the day of the Research Fair and answer questions about their project. Judges will be circulating amongst the audience and will be assessing each slide presentation for:

  • Robustness of research methods and results (or research ideas for undergraduate posters)
  • Clarity of presentation, both visual and oral
  • Visual appeal – does your poster draw in an audience from a distance?
  • Transparency of the relevance of your research – do your results have impact? Are your findings important? Have you made this easy to understand?

Photography and filming

This event may be photographed and/or filmed for the promotional purposes of the UNSW Business School. The images may be posted on the School website and may be used in publications that are accessible by the general public. If you have any questions, please contact the Business School Research Office.