Poster topics (undergraduate research)

Additional information available for undergraduate research poster topics

Balanced scorecard and environmental and social performance

With growing public concern about environmental and social issues, it has become increasingly important for companies to adopt sustainable and ethical practices in operating their businesses and to improve not only economic performance, but also their social and environmental performance. The balanced scorecard ("BSC") has been suggested as a promising tool that can assist firms in managing all three aspects of performance by incorporating environmental and social performance measures into the BSC. Perform a quick review of the literature to identify how firms have modified the traditional BSC and used the modified BSC to manage environmental and social performance. Which method would you recommend and why?

The housing market in Australia

House prices in Australia, particularly Sydney, have risen sharply in the past two years. Australian house prices are high relative to those in the US and other markets (refer 'The Economist' index of price against average income). Students are asked to examine some of the potential causes of the sharp rise in prices and/or why prices are higher in Australia, and the consequences. In terms of causes, students could look at the possible role of various government policies, the regulatory framework, and expectations play in both sides (supply, demand) of the market.  View global house prices on The Economist website.

Well-being and sustainability in management

'Well-being and Sustainability' captures the belief that innovative businesses, healthy employees, and healthy societies can benefit one another. Short term business models that focus on technological innovation and economic growth can create great wealth. However, in the long run these models can result in social and environmental damage, such as employee burnout and turnover, work-family conflict, growing inequality, and global warming. Thus, Well-being and Sustainability in Management represents strategies for long-term success. It includes making sure that employees, societal stakeholders, and the environment are cared for while pursuing business goals pertaining to innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and people management.

Mobile marketing and consumer decision-making

Augmented Reality (AR) is a subset of the growing trend towards Mobile Marketing. It is the science and art of using mobile technology to provide a virtual overlay of the physical world, adding or subtracting information from it. A simple example might be a smartphone application that allows a consumer to view their living room painted in a different colour, or with a yet-to-be-purchased piece of furniture in place. The project should examine how this technology could be used to encourage consumers to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices or to improve consumer decision-making with embedded product information.