Auditing and Assurance

This network evaluates auditing approaches and designs credible reporting mechanisms, including in terms of Integrated Reporting of financial and non-financial information and the issuance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and greenhouse gas (GHG) statements.

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  • Eight network members have a total of 23 different ABDC A*/FT45 publications since 2010, including in The Accounting Review, Accounting, Organizations, and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, and Journal of Accounting Research
  • Ranked 1st in "Auditing" in international accounting research ranking as calculated by Brigham Young University
  • PhD program ranked in top 10 internationally in "Auditing" as calculated by Brigham Young University, with placements that include universities in China, Indonesia, and Thailand
  •  "Accounting & Finance" ranked 12th in the world and 1st in Australia in 2015 QS subject ranking
  • ARC Fellowship: Australian Professorial Fellow (Trotman)
  • Simnett and Trotman are Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia
  • Monroe is Editor and Simnett is Associate Editor of Accounting & Finance
  • Simnett received the 2011 Outstanding Contribution to Accounting and Finance Practice Award (Australia)
  • ARC grant awards totalling more than $5 million (Simnett, Trotman, Monroe, Carson), including more than $2 million in FoR150102 "Auditing and Assurance"
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