Behavioural Insights for Business and Policy

This network develops and applies best practices to ensure behavioural insights from experimental research in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Information Systems and Technology Management, Marketing, Risk & Actuarial Studies and Psychology are credible and robust.

Network Members

Andreas Ortmann | Professor, School of Economics

​Andreas took up his current position of Professor of Experimental and Behavioural Economics in the School of Economics, UNSW Business School in 2009. Prior to his appointment at the Business School, he was the (Boston Consulting Group) Professor of Economics at CERGE-EI, a joint workplace of Charles University and the Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic. Prior to that appointment, he taught at Bowdoin and Colby College, Maine, USA. He also was, for a year each, a visiting scholar of the Program on Non-Profit Organizations at Yale University, the Max-Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich, the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, and the Harvard Business School.

Hazel Bateman | Professor, Head of School, School of Risk & Actuarial

​Hazel has research interests in the areas of public and private provision for retirement. Her current research investigates retirement saving, investment and benefit decisions; the structure, governance and performance of pension and superannuation funds; and effective public policy for an ageing society. Prior to joining the University of New South Wales, Hazel worked as an economist in the Australian Treasury. Hazel has been a consultant on retirement income issues to a range of Australian and international organisations including the OECD, the World Bank, the Social Insurance Administration (China), APEC and KIHASA.

John Roberts | UNSW Scientia Professor, School of Marketing

John Roberts is a Professor of Marketing in the UNSW Business School and a Fellow of the London Business School and Fudan University. He has extensive senior executive experience and the company that he founded, Marketing Insights, an Asian leader in strategic marketing consulting, is now a part of the world's largest marketing information company, A C Nielsen. John is winner of the American Marketing Association's John A. Howard Award, its William O'Dell Award, and its Advanced Research Techniques Best Paper Award. He has also been a Finalist in the John Little Award for the best paper in marketing science three times and the Gary Lilien Marketing Science Practice Prize three times.

Pauline Grosjean | Professor, School of Economics

: Pauline joined the School of Economics at UNSW in 2011, after holding positions at the University of San Francisco, the University of California at Berkeley, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Her research investigates how culture and institutions shape individual behaviour and economic development. Pauline’s work on trust, violence, and political preferences has been published in the American Economic Review, The Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Economic Growth and the Journal of the European Economic Association. Her recent work on the short- and long-run effects of sex ratios on economic behaviour and social norms has been published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (B) and the Review of Economic Studies, and has been widely covered in the press.

Gigi Foster | Associate Professor, School of Economics

​Dr Gigi Foster received her BA from Yale (majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics) and her PhD in economics from the University of Maryland.​ Dr Foster's research interests and contributions lie in the areas of education, social influence, behavioral economics, and the multi-disciplinary analysis of human behavior in groups. Much of her published work focuses on aspects of decisions related to human capital investment and social influence. Her research has been supported by the Australian Research Council, the Spencer Foundation, the University of New South Wales, and the University of South Australia. Dr Foster is also active in the Australian media, particularly in regard to matters of education policy and economic thought.​​

Kerry Humphreys | AGSM Scholar, Associate Professor, School of Accounting

​Kerry Humphreys conducts behavioral research investigating when managers make effective decisions incorporating strategic performance information (particularly from the balanced scorecard framework), and how new managers can learn to make better decisions using this information. Her research examines a variety of management judgments and decisions, including performance evaluation, risk management, strategy evaluation and resource allocation in dynamic business environments. Kerry's PhD research received the American Accounting Association (AAA) Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Accounting, Behavior and Organizations section.

Nitika Garg | Research Seminar Coordinator, Associate Professor, School of Marketing

Nitika Garg is a consumer behaviour researcher. Her primary interests focus on studying the influence of emotions on consumer judgment and decision making, including choice, consumption, and prosocial behaviours. Specifically, she examines how discrete emotional states such as anger, happiness, and sadness, affect various aspects of consumer behaviour. Given the rise in obesity and the long-term concerns regarding its impact on consumer and societal welfare, she is specifically interested in food consumption and the factors that influence it, including emotions. More recently, she has looked at the role that discrete emotions (positive and negative) can play in promoting prosocial behaviours.

Elise Payzan-Le Nestour | Associate Professor, School of Banking & Finance

​Elise Payzan-Le Nestour joined the UNSW Business School in September 2010. Elise has also been appointed a Visiting Associate in Economics at the California Institute of Technology from this date. Elise studies how people perceive and react to uncertainty, specifically with respect to financial risks. Her ongoing research examines how investors assess unstable return distributions, as well as how they adapt their behavior in these rapidly changing conditions. She also studies the neurobiological bases of this behavior. Her neurofinance research builds on recent results and methods from experimental economics, behavioral economics, machine learning, and cognitive neuroscience.

Will Felps | Associate Professor, School of Marketing

​Will is an Associate Professor in the School of Management at UNSW. He teaches courses on Meta-Science and on Strategy, Marketing, and Management. Will’s research spans a broad range of topics in the fields of organisational behaviour, human resource management, careers, research methods, business ethics, and meta-science.

Sarah Walker | Lecturer, School of Economics

​Sarah Walker is an expert in development economics, economic history, field experiments, the economics of land use, culture and institutions.

Mathew Chylinski | Senior Lecturer, School of Marketing

Mathew is a senior lecturer in the School of Marketing at UNSW. He is now the program coordinator for the Undergraduate and Honours level degrees in Marketing at UNSW and is also the Study Abroad coordinator.

Sam Kirshner | Senior Lecturer, School of Information Systems and Technology Management

​Sam studies the impact of behavioural decision making in the presence of uncertainty. Specifically, Sam’s research focuses on the role of reference points and inequity concerns in supply chain management problems and consumer behaviour in making purchasing decisions for technology products. Sam is also involved in interdisciplinary projects analysing technologies ability to enable empathy and ethical decision making in supply chains and is collaborating with UNSW’s SMaRT Centre to examine the economic viability of distributed micro-factory solutions for repurposing e-waste back into the supply chain. His research has appeared in top operations management academic journals including Production and Operations Management, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management and the European Journal of Operational Research. Sam teaches Business Analytics to undergraduates, postgraduates and MBA students and is currently the program director for the School of Information Systems and Technology Management’s Honours Program.

Highlight achievements

  • Twelve network members have a total of more than 50 A*/FT45 publications from 2012-2018, including in Economic Journal, The Review of Economic Studies, The Review of Financial Studies (multiple), Review of Finance, Management Science, Academy of Management Review, Marketing Science (multiple), The Accounting Review (multiple), Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Development Economics (multiple).
  • ARC grant awards totalling more than $27 million since 2015.
  • Roberts is a Fellow of the ASSA (2013) and the London Business School. He served on the ARC College of Experts (2012-2015) and is winner of the American Marketing Association’s John A. Howard Award and 4 William O’Dell Award. He is also on the editorial board of Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, and numerous other journals.
  • Humphreys awarded the 2014 American Accounting Association “Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award” for Accounting, Behavior, and Organizations, the first non-North American recipient in nearly two decades.

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