Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network

The Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network complements the UNSW Business School’s existing strengths in digital enablement and big data, by consolidating and leveraging its world-class expertise in the protection, management and governance of data. Data is now being accumulated and retained by businesses and governments on an unprecedented scale. Governance and accountability frameworks need to develop alongside technical and analytic capabilities to ensure data is protected from theft or misuse and that those who hold it act responsibility (and not just lawfully) in dealing with it. The Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network will support interdisciplinary work on the development of effective data governance frameworks.

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Network members

Network leaders

Rob Nicholls
| Senior Lecturer, School of Taxation & Business Law

Rob has had a 30-year career concentrating on competition, regulation and governance, particularly in networked industries and joined the UNSW Business School in September 2015. His research interests encompass competition law and policy as well as the regulation of networked industries and the financial services sector. Rob’s first degree was in electronics engineering and he has worked for major corporates, in turnarounds and start-ups. Before moving to academia, he worked for Webb Henderson, the ACCC and spent 12 years as a client-facing consultant at Gilbert + Tobin

Founding Director
Pamela Hanrahan
| Professor, Director (Research), School of Taxation & Business Law

Professor Pamela Hanrahan is one of Australia's leading authorities on financial services law and regulation. In addition to her academic career at the UNSW Business School and, previously, the Melbourne Law School and as a Visitor at the Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law at the University of Cambridge, she has over 15 years’ experience as a lawyer in private practice and four years as a senior regulator in Australian Commonwealth and State government agencies.

Core members

Paul Andon | Professor, School of Accounting

Paul teaches and researches primarily in the area of management accounting. He specialises in case-based research methods and concentrates on investigating the situated performance (e.g. development, uses and effects) of contemporary management accounting practices. Prior to joining UNSW, Paul was employed at PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Assurance and Business Advisory Services division, specialising in technology, communications and entertainment clients. He is also qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Kalmen Datt | Senior Lecturer, School of Taxation & Business Law

Kalmen brings a wealth of experience and a strong legal profile to tax matters. He has developed broad skills in tax administration and litigation in New Zealand and South Africa and has extensive experience in the procedures adopted by courts and other tribunals in the resolution of disputes and the rules of evidence. He has successfully sat for the Common Professional Examination in the United Kingdom as a precursor to being admitted to practice law in that jurisdiction. He is admitted as a legal practitioner in New South Wales and was admitted as a Barrister/solicitor in New Zealand and a Barrister and Notary Public in South Africa.

Kayleen Manwaring | Lecturer, School of Taxation & Business Law

Kayleen Manwaring joined UNSW 2012. Prior to that, Kayleen also taught law in the Business & Economics Faculty at Macquarie University. Until March 2012, she spent many years working as a commercial lawyer and in law firm management, in Sydney and London. Her work in practice primarily focussed on technology acquisition and licensing, intellectual property, and communications. Her research interests lie at the intersection between emerging technologies, particularly information technology, and the law of contract, consumer protection and competition law, intellectual property law and corporations law. She is currently undertaking PhD study on the implications for consumer contracts of the Internet of Things and associated technologies.

Ken Stevens | Senior Lecturer, School of Information Systems

Ken has been with UNSW since 1999 and specialises in the management of information systems in organisations. His research interests include risk management and the role of e-business. His recent work created an integrated risk and controls framework. In particular he has investigated the multidimensional nature of outsourcing risks that needs to be addressed when such framework is developed. He brings a practitioner’s perspective on risk and risk management, especially in the context of an outsourcing venture.

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