AxiCorp Marketing Analytics Sandbox

Leaders: Shan Pan, Jason Nguyen
Members: Sam Kirshner, Chung-li Tseng


The proliferation of data has produced opportunities to identify not only trends and behaviours but also their drivers. An emerging niche within Analytics is Marketing Analytics – using data to measure, manage and analyze performance to determine the return on investment (ROI) of marketing efforts, as well as to identify opportunities for improvements. By understanding the impacts of various factors on performance, organisations can optimize their marketing efforts for the highest ROI.

The advantages of effectively developing and applying marketing analytics include:

Increased response rates, customer loyalty and ROI by contacting the right prospects at the right time with highly relevant offers and messages

  • Reduced campaign costs through targeting prospects that are most likely to respond
  • Decreased attrition through accurately predicting customers that are most likely to leave and developing the right proactive campaigns to retain them
  • Delivering the right message by segmenting customers more effectively and better understanding target populations

Participating Organization

AxiCorp and AxiTrader

AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd is an online margin business providing trading for Foreign Exchange (Forex), Contract for Differences (CFDs), Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrency CFDs, as well as other financial management services. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, serving more than 30,000 active clients in more than 150 countries with global offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Philippines, Ukraine and Cyprus.

AxiCorp is the parent organisation of the AxiTrader and AxiPrime brands. AxiTrader is the company's flagship business as an online retail foreign exchange broker while AxiPrime is a prime brokerage for high volume traders.

AxiTrader is an online Forex broker, allowing participants to trade more than 80 currency pairs, commodities and CFDs on the interbank network. Access to the online trading network is offered through the MetaTrader 4 ("MT4") electronic trading platform, developed by MetaQuotes. AxiTrader facilitates MT4 trading through major software operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS, on mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms, and through internet web browsers.

AxiTrader offers two types of trading accounts: a Demo account for virtual trading and education purposes that bear no financial risks for the prospects and a Live account for active trading with real money. AxiTrader also provides educational materials, resources and tools to help prospects and customers improve their trading.

Impact Statement

This sandbox aims to help AxiTrader in two primary goals. First, it looks to maximize the conversion rate of prospects into customers with live trading accounts. Second, it helps AxiTrader retain customers with regular trading transactions. In particular, the Sandbox's objectives include

  • To analyze the impacts of various factors, including demographic and socioeconomic information, marketing campaign(s) exposed, acquiring channel, educational materials and time on the probability that a prospect is converted into a customer.
  • To design a marketing campaign that optimizes prospect's conversion rate with minimal time and efforts
  • To design a customer retaining plan that offers trading materials, resources and/or promotions to help retain customers that are highly likely to leave.