Cyber-Threats Intelligence (CTI) Sandbox

Leader: Yenni Tim


The rising advancement in technologies is a double-edge sword. Although digitalization brings new possibilities and enablement, it also further complicates issues related to cyber-security. Currently, the overwhelming scale of cyber-attacks is pushing corporates to invest heavily in the detection and takedown of cyber-threats. The time-critical and resource-intensive nature of these operations leaves companies with little time to review and advance their risk management strategies, to improve existing cyber infrastructure and to proactively develop a stronger cyber-security profile. All organizations have unique characteristics and are facing different sets of cyber-threats. To better manage cyber-attacks, organizations need to develop an understanding of their specific threat landscape to equip themselves with the right weapons. This sandbox aims to analyse and understand existing cyber-threat landscapes to design effective cyber-defence mechanisms for today's cyber workforce.

Participating Organization: A leading insurance group in Australia

Impact Statement

This digital sandbox works with a leading insurance group in Australia on Cyber-Threats Intelligence to develop effective organisational cyber-security program and prepare tomorrow's cyber workforce. Cyber-threats come in many forms and all organizations have unique risk and security profiles. This sandbox performs analysis of data breaches and develops action plans to inform practices and strategic decisions of cyber-security in organizations.