Humanitix Social Listening Sandbox

Leader: Sandeep MS

Members: Shan Pan, Yenni Tim


The ever-increasing use of social media has transformed communication and interactions between organisations and their customers, enabling businesses to engage in collaborative conversations and create a better customer experience. Organisations are readily embedding social listening tools to analyse, interpret and generate insights from the vast amount of available data. Social listening aims to analyse trends and sentiments in real-time to guide strategic decision-making. This is achieved by tracking conversations surrounding specific phrases, words or brands to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences. Social listening allows organisations to obtain more accurate insights from their customer base and uplift their market research capabilities to include advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Participating Organization: Humanitix

Founded in mid-2006, Humanitix is a social enterprise ticketing platform that donates profits from the booking and payment fee to a charity of the event organiser's choice. While a large majority of the booking and payment fees from traditional ticketing platforms go towards the profits of the software companies that build the platforms, Humanitix directs these profits towards helping those in need instead.

Humanitix partners with charities across Australia, focusing on charities in the fields of health, environment and education. Such partner charities include BeyondBlue, Oz Harvest and Melanoma Institute Australia. With no additional costs added to the tickets, there's a guarantee that for each event, at least 30% of the total fees are donated to the nominated charity.

Impact Statement

This sandbox works with Humanitix to develop social listening capabilities for the ecosystem's relevant stakeholders. This involves researching the current problems faced by Humanitix and understanding their organisational goals to formulate suitable social listening strategies. Adopting social listening enables Humanitix to:

  • Analyse event organisers' audiences to understand which charities they are most likely to respond to
  • Identifying the charities that best resonate with audiences provides value for the event organisers in promoting their event, leading to higher ticket sales while also providing a greater incentive for other event organisers to engage with Humanitix