Sharing Economy Sandbox

Leader: Sandeep Mysore Seshadrinath
Team: Jason Nguyen, Wei Liu

The concept of “what is mine is yours, for a charge”, that is, the concept of “sharing” is not new. However, the infusion of digital technologies into the mix is beginning to alter how sharing works, who participates in sharing, and the social and economic impacts of sharing. The “sharing economy”, which is the peer-to-peer sharing of goods and services via digital platforms, has drawn significant attention in business press and academic conversations, and figures prominently in public discourse on social media. Research on sharing economy in its early days focussed on clarifying the nature of the field, that is, explaining its origins, synthesising definitions, and exploring business models, and more recently has tended to focus on regulatory and ethical implications of sharing economy business models. This sandbox aims to inform theory and practice by exploring various aspects of the sharing economy business model.

Participating Organisation: A leading intra-city logistics company in India

Impact Statement: The sandbox has two major impact objectives. First, the sandbox aims to improve driver engagement on the platform via ethical design of gamification elements and better spatio-temporal demand mapping of incoming customer requests, enabling drivers to use the platform more efficiently. Second, the sandbox aims to optimize warehouse locations to improve the operational efficiency of the platform.