Smart Cities Sandbox

Leader: Walter Fernandez

Members: Lemuria Carter, Linlin Ge, Nizar Hoblos, Sam Kirshner, Sandeep Mysore MS, Chung-Li Tseng


Typically, Smart City initiatives enable their proponents to attract human and business capital to their region while retaining and improving the living experience of their population. These initiatives respond to global trends to ensure the continuous growth of the knowledge economy while serving their inhabitants and protecting their environment. Achieving such aims primarily requires deploying technological infrastructure, management and administrative processes, and also a meaningful involvement of varied stakeholders in the co-creation of smarter living environs. Smart cities can be seen from a national perspective, as per the Australian Federal Government's Smart Cities Plan (2016), or localised within an institution, such as the UNSW Smart Campus initiative.

At the Smart Cities Sandbox, we study Smart Cities as journeys to smarter living. At a strategic level, we provide independent advice to city councils, and other organisations during their transformation process. Our focus is on understanding effective processes to deal with evolving needs and priorities; we do so by adopting a research approach that is congruent with the fuzzy nature of transformation programs. At a tactical level, we provide advice, research, and support to specific smart living projects, including, but not limited to, waste management systems, privacy concerns, traffic management systems, data analytics, and living labs for user-centric innovation systems.

Participating Organizations: TBA