Tiger and Wildlife Conservation Analytics Sandbox

Leader: Sandeep MS


A wildlife management information system, Huli (meaning tiger) IS developed by the Karnataka Forest Department has enabled forest guards patrolling the wildlife parks of Karnataka to collect population data of various fauna, including that of the tiger. Huli IS was implemented with the vision of protecting and growing the tiger population in the state of Karnataka (a southern Indian state is home to one of largest tiger populations in the world). Tigers are listed as an endangered species by the International Union of Conservation of Nature, with as few as 3100 tigers left in the wild.

Participating Organization: Karnataka Forest Department, Government of Karnataka, India

  • Karnataka Forest Department (http://aranya.gov.in) has taken the lead in conservation management initiatives in India
  • Huli IS has been recognized as a pioneering initiative by the Government of India
  • The Huli IS initiative has been collecting population and animal movement data on the ground through primary observations in the national parks of the state of Karnataka

Impact Statement

This sandbox aims to design a wildlife conservation analytics platform for the Karnataka Forest Department. Forest guards on foot patrol capture and upload population data of various fauna on Huli IS. This data will aid the study of population dynamics of various fauna, including tigers and create predictive models of animal movement to strengthen efforts to curb poaching of wildlife. This sandbox will build a proof-of-concept of a conservation analytics platform utilizing data collected via Huli IS.